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"northern california girls"

(photo by R.Z. Hooker from "By the Bus Stop" series)

(Scene 1, exterior, day. A city street in the year 2516, on the continent now known as "Gone WannaLand," as a melting world continues turning and the spec Homo sapiens continues to devolve into the wantless peopleoids, and guys and girls still, for reasons peopleoid science has yet to determine, continue to gaze deep into their culture mirrors as they wantlessly hunt and gather what is left.)

ZOOLEY.TOOTER.DOME: HEY!! (grabs arm of guy passing by her near the curb, as the No. 27 Glower Heights bus flashes by)

PEAKED.AT.FIVE: (stops, looks up from reading text message on his pocket-size culture mirror) Whoa. Fuck.

ZTD: Yeah. Close one.

PAF: Thanks. (big sigh, looks across street) You'd think, as reading and writing is reduced to fewer and fewer words, that it would become less dangerous.

ZTD: (smiles at him, looks across street) Yeah. You'd think so. Unless, somehow, the words are actually more like cushions. Safety nets. So as we approach the point where we can sum up everything in just six characters, we are, in fact, approaching downtown Doomtown, population 0.

PAF: (looks at her, characterizing) A head that could walk the world entirely on its own, in a pair of very cool, sensible shoes. Wow! You're a Northern California girl!

ZTD: (turns head in quick area-scan) Hey -- keep it down. Ok? Fuck, man.

PAF: Sorry. It's just -- I thought you were all extinct.

ZTD: (looks back across street) No. The profile has just become so low it's now, like, subterranean.

PAF: (looks back across street) So you broke profile, because ...

ZTD: Habit. Habits are like the rebels of the times.

PAF: So when times ...

ZTD: ... were better, it was bad habits that seemed like hydra-snakes that wouldn't die. Now, in a world of simmering shit soup, it's good habits that won't go quiet into the shit-soup night.

PAF: So there is an upside.

ZTD: As long as there is gravity, there's a downside and an upside.

(her bus stops)

ZTD: This is mine. (begins to walk to door, turns back) And do yourself a favor -- try to keep your head. In the end it's the only thing that matters.

20160208 16:17 (379 words)
- Camper Van Beethoven performing "Northern California Girls" in studio 2013, from "La Costa Perdida" 2013
- David Bowie performing: - a) "I Can't Give Everything Away"; and - b) "Dollar Days" -- both from "Blackstar" 2016



November 2016



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