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"languid doorstop"

(photo from mrjoebasile.com)

"Languid as in 'dreamy.'" Heskel is leaning forward on the café table, her elbows like two car jacks holding up her head, the heel of each hand skewed against the underside of half a jawbone.

"Dreamy." Larson repeats the word, smiling. He's stirring the frothy milk in large, wavy swirls in an enormous mug of dark French roast.

Heskel bites off half an oatmeal raisin cookie she softened in her coffee, staring at the table. It's late Thursday morning at Booter's, a small café overlooked by the developers on this part of the Charlestown waterfront. The place is empty between the morning, office-worker coffee and muffin line-up, and the noontime take-out sandwich crowd. It's an ancient, black paint-caked shopfront, barely wide or deep enough for the six three-foot round tables that line the windows on either side of a door with a rope of sleigh bells screwed to the top door-rail.

Outside, poplar trees in full June-leaf overhang a narrow street with cobblestones showing through the bare spots in the asphalt. The stream of cars and trucks that peaked at 9:00 has receded like a tide that drains the sidewalks of the worker people, and leaves behind people living beyond the hands of hourly life.

"What would a doorstop dream of?" Larson asks and licks the milk foam off his upper lip. He's looking at her eyes.

"Pleasant weather."

"So the door is left wide open, and the door and stop can spend a few hours nestled side-by-side," he adds, traveling on the boat of what she's thinking. They've been together long enough to know where the other one is going.

"Nestled," she repeats and looks out through the wavy window.

20150613 13:29 (293 words)
- "Calm Down" by the band Psapp, from "Tiger, My Friend" 2004
- "Life is Never Wrong" by Janis Ian, from "Folk is the New Black" 2006
- "Wild Horses" by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, from "Sticky Fingers" 1971



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