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"mono logo - math blood"

(photo from pixgood)

(a girl stands before an audience doing stand-up comedy)

1) "All of our days are numbered. We just don't know what number we're on." *

Which is ok because, if we did, then we'd all be taking advice from mathematicians.

Don't get me wrong, mathematicians can be lovely people. But would you take life advice from someone you wouldn't want driving your car?

(hands on steering, turning head right, back to front in conversation)

"It's ok. With the weight of this vehicle, going up a 1% grade, I won't have to apply the brakes for another --"

(turning head, hands thrown up in front of face)

The ancient Greeks called this "the tragedy of math," and it's pretty much why I stopped doing math homework in high school. That and algebra.

2) "I got my blood tested the other day, and my doctor said that everything seemed normal. Wow, I guess acting really is in my blood." *

It's an old expression -- a skill being "in your blood." The first time I heard it I was 6. My Mom said she thought someone had "writing in his blood."

I thought that was so cool, and for the next 6 months I spent a lot of time pricking a finger to see what my blood was saying.

I used a hand lens, then a neighbor's microscope, looking for the story my body was trying to tell me. Eventually, I had to face the fact that my blood was probably illiterate.

And for the next 6 months I was totally stumped. How could "I" read and write, if my blood could not?

Eventually, walking around looking totally stumped became embarrassing. So I started acting like I had everything figured out. And that's when I realized I must have acting in my blood.

20150330 10:07 (309 words)
* writing prompt resuscitation from the ER department

- "O Magnum Mysterium", a chant from the Matins of Christmas reworked by Kevin Memley and performed by the Univ. of Wisc. Eau Claire Concert Choir conducted by Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff, performed 2013?
- by KT Tunstall: a) "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", from "Eye to the Telescope" 2004; b) "Invisible Empire", from "Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon" 2013



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