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"mono logo - what's the point"

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(photo from pixgood)

(... a girl in 2016 L.A. does stand-up before we're pretty sure a crowd)

"With all the murder tragedy in the news the past few weeks, someone actually said to me on Twitter that he thinks, in order to survive, stand-up comedy will have to go from being topical humor about the present, to being either jokes about the past, or just turns on a science-fiction so different from the present, it's safe to laugh at.

"Yeah. It was a long, six-part tweet reply. I mean, I like having fans and being Twitter-stalked as much as the next person. But face it, people -- if you have more to say than you can easily type out with your thumbs, maybe Twitter is not the best place for you to be hanging out.

"Anyway -- he was partly right. It is getting harder and harder to talk about the here-and-now of life, and find anything to laugh about. Which makes the scene of me standing up here and trying to tell jokes, and you sitting there and trying to laugh -- and, just a short aside, my cozy studio apartment in Pacoima, and I, thank you for that effort, really -- it makes us seem like those guys who just sat around and fiddled as Rome burned.

"You know, like Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, sitting around Marconi's garage radio studio in their mechanic's togas and making funny while fiddling with a fuel injector, while some poor guy is waiting to hear why his chariot won't start.

CLICK: (laughs) Did you try feeding the horse?

CLACK: (laughs) Yeah. And check the other end. A blocked tailpipe can really cut down on the horse-power.

"So then I thought: Hey, maybe that is the point of what we're doing. Why I'm here, trying to put some perspective on my need to pay my bills, while doing something I must have been born to do because I can't really seem to do anything else, and why you are there, enabling me.

"It's like that historical joke about George Washington, when he was cutting down one of the cherry trees that line the tidal basin in D.C., and a Senator walked up to him. 'Mr. President,' the Senator said, as George put down his chain saw and looked up, 'you are the man who fathered a whole country, and now you are destroying part of its national treasure? What gives, Daddy Dude?'

"The President smiled, his tobacco-stained wooden teeth dully gleaming in the sunlight. 'Senator, we're putting in a resort-casino right where we stand. So that 200 years from now our descendants can look back with gratitude on the financial foresight we displayed, in building great symbols of the lasting monetary value of great symbols of lasting monetary value.'

"Humor historians are still uncertain exactly what the Senator replied. My guess is he may have simply stood there, completely speechless, at just what the fuck was going on.

"Which I guess is both a historical joke about the past, and the presence of the past in the 'doo-doo-doo-doo,' 'Twilight Zone' nature of the present. And why, maybe, with so much past zombie disco-dancing in the present, there is no real talk about a future."

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▸ Anthony D'Amato performing:
-a) "Ludlow" released as a single 2013
-b) "If it Don't Work Out" performed live 2014
-c) "Good and Ready"
- all from "The Shipwreck From the Shore" 2014



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