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"dk nanaimo"

(screenshot of Diana Krall smiling at Stuart Duncan's vocal harmony in "Ophelia," a great close to a great set at Montreux 2013*)

"Yeah -- DK Nanaimo. It's like DK New York, but with more buffalo plaid," Angel says and pauses. "And the fact the clothes are extra cool because they're made of music."

Angel Huston is doing instant message back-and-forths with Cherry Ringwald, a guy she knows from 6th period "English as creative writing because, face it, language is less about the rules and rituals of the act of passing-down, than it is about the juju of the come-together in the thing passed down." That being a course title Alex Bigsley, "a humble teacher of the lingo" at Isaac Newton High, had hoped to make official. The school board, unfortunately, thought it was "a little long" to fit neatly inside "Meadowdale Schools: Who We Are and Where We're Going" -- its five-year "outlook on curricula" and general statement of a modest sense of institutie-self.

"Cool," Cherry writes back. "Buffalo plaid is like your Granny's quilt, walking upright on its own. Like this girl inside her music."

They're both using instant messaging, like they use email or website posts, with the conscious realization that what they're doing is writing and not talking.

Angel's room is above her parents' two-car garage just behind the house, and adjoining the veggie garden and "flower utopia" her mom planted a year after her dad moved to Toledo with a girl he met at Doolie's Big-Pump Gym.

That was two years ago July, when Angel took the stray fireworks she'd collected since the age of ten, wrapped them all together into a hefty duck-taped roll and "set the boomer wad to blow" in the middle of their large backyard, beneath every piece of memorabilia of "The Daddy Gone" she could find.

"Fuck nut," she muttered as she lit the extended fuse. "One day I'll hunt you down and put your penis on a bus to Gnometown, in a window seat, sitting upright and kicked back, a tiny cowboy hat resting on its tiny head, next to a tape player playing Cowboy Dan-the-Man yelling 'Yee-Haw!' the whole fuck-way."

Then the wad exploded, sending bits of photos and personal messages inside greeting cards twenty feet into the air. When the fire department and police finally left, she apologized to her mother who'd told Officer Wilkins "the girl will be grounded until she leaves this town for college. You have my word."

As Officer Wilkins drove off down Lilac Lane, however, her mother turned and smiled at Angel standing in the doorway. "Nice bomb."

"Thanks. I thought you'd like it."

Now, in honor of the upcoming anniversary, Cherry IMs a smiling penis wearing a tiny cowboy hat, made entirely from un-emojied keyboard characters.

"It's like the Internet, 1995," Angel says.

"Yeah. I'm retro-tilling the electron fields. There's something cool in pixels walking clunky in the world, without the air-brushed graphic buff you get from shrinking individual roughness in the distance irony of social close-ups."

Which is something Angel understands, like she understands breathing. It's where the natural in-and-out of her selfless-conscious, individual point-of-view has always been -- in a world where social mirrors are just poor reflectors of the indie qualities of light and other things.

20160308 09:12 (545 words)
* Diana Krall performing live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2013
- 00:01 "Temptation" by Tom Waits 1987
- 09:56 "What'll I Do" by Irving Berlin 1923
- 13:00 "Deed I Do" by Fred Rose and Walter Hirsch 1926
- 16:00 "A Man Needs A Maid" and "Heart Of Gold" by Neil Young 1972
- 21:52 "Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter" attributed to Fred E. Ahlert and Joe Young 1935, likely written by Fats Waller
- 25:10 "Simple Twist Of Fate" by Bob Dylan 1975
- 30:00 "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" attributed to Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields 1930, likely written by Fats Waller
- 33:28 "Just You, Just Me" by Jesse Greer and Raymond Klages 1929
- 37:25 "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Harry Warren and Al Dubin 1933
- 42:52 "Ophelia" by Robbie Robertson of The Band 1975
- (bandlings: Diana Krall - piano, vocals; Dennis Crouch - upright bass; Karriem Riggins - drums; Aram Bajakian - guitar; Stuart Duncan - violin, guitar, vocals; Patrick Warren - keyboards)



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