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"meme versus anti-meme"

... as they relate to big bangs everywhere

(photo of "utitled", acrylic on paper c. 2000 by Margaret Kilgallen, from a Ratio 3, San Francisco exhibition 2011)

The theater is a small, black box that lives up to its name.

"How do they get it so, freak-ing, dark?" Heskle whispers.

"Acme R-300, light vacuums," Veetle whispers back. "One in every corner, top and bottom, where light tends to pool-up and then backwash toward the deepest center of the room."

"How do you know about light vacuums?"

"'Popular Mechanics,' the August 2012 issue."

Heskle breath-laughs. "Right. And if I can hear you smiling in the words?"

"That is," Veetle answers in a monotonic robo-voice, "just the lang-uage do-ing it's own thing. I am mere-ly a re-cord-er of a lex-i-con-ic mo-ment."

In the darkness a voice-surround that carries with it a remarkable lack of gender specificity, begins.

"In the beginning, there was darkness."

The room is silent for five more beats. Then a strobe light flashes and goes dark, as the room suddenly glows white-hot then fades from white-to-ash-to-tan-to-brown-to-black, as the sensory memory of light goes back to an empty home.

"Then there was a brief absence of the darkness, a nothing-nothing that, in terms of darkness, equals light."

Then the voice-surround goes wordless once again, in the looming silence of the dark.

"Wait," Heskle whispers. "In the beginning there was darkness? So the big bang was dark, and the light came afterward?"

"Yes," Veetle whispers in anti-silence to the silence meme in the room, "like photon crashers looking for a party. In the beginning there was a party waiting for a party-start. Then the partiers arrived, pulled together by the giant black hole of a lack of party just before the party-start, then the disco ball was lit and the party shit began."

"So this is high school, worrying-the-pimples art & science?"

"Hey, it's partly school-shit so it must be partly right-shit, right?"

20160210 13:37 (324 words)
- Joe Sample performing - a) "Night Flight" from "The Hunter" 1983, reissued on "Sample This" 1997/2008; and - b) with Randy Crawford vocals, and the Joe Sample Trio (Joe Sample piano, Nicklas Sample bass, and Ethan Eubanks drums) live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2013 - ((00:01) "Me, Myself and I" by Allan Roberts, Alvin Kaufman and Irving Gordon); (02:40) "Tell Me More and Then Some" by Billie Holiday; (05:18) "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe" by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg; (08:04) "Rainy Night in Georgia" by Tony Joe White; (13:29) "Everybody's Talking" by Harry Nilsson; (17:25) "One Day I'll Fly Away" by Joe Sample and Will Jennings; (22:15) "Rio de Janeiro Blue" by Richard Torrance and John Haeny; (27:00) "Improvisation on You Are My Sunshine" by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell; (28:05) "This Bitter Earth" by Clyde Otis; (32:02) "Street Life" by Joe Sample and Will Jennings; (38:25) "Almaz" by Randy Crawford; (44:30) "Last Night at Danceland" Joe Sample and Will Jennings)
- (prompts from the great KALX and studio denizens Matokie, III and Suhnharini Vasahn Suundelehguntah (hey, put that on your luggage, dude)



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