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"D.C. - Down City"

(painting "Spirit of the Frontier" by John Gast, 1872, showing the Goddess Columbia stringing telegraph line and enabling the "manifest destiny" settlement of North America)

(snow removal in Arlington VA Jan 24, 2016, from "The Washington Post")

(snow unremoval in Vermont ca. 1900, using snow roller, from the University of Vermont Libraries via mentalfloss.com)

"D.C., originally an ab-brev for the District of Columbia, with the 'Columbia' part being a popular, 18th-century New World update of the ancient, goddess babe ideal." Gillian "Lightshow" Reynolds is reading from her seat near the back of "English as Creative Writing" class, at "The Son of Thomas Jeffer" High School in Tacoma Park, Maryland.

She's hunched over the two sheets of rumpled 8-1/2 x 11 lying on her desktop, with revisions handwritten between the print-out lines, looking like a rumpled snowplowed pile of girl in a sweatshirt, polo shirt and jeans, staring down at the dusting of black letters that first fell upon her laptop screen late last night, after she told MoonDog Ellis in a private message that he could go drink sheep shit through a straw.

"So Columbia was a hot girl for the times, the times being times when hot girls routinely showed a little skin along the upper shoulder, bodice and lower neck, which was enough back then to cause a blood-flow redirection in the breeches of most New World, gentleman-plantation owners. Like plantation owner Daddy George, the future father of a country with a capital city that, one day, would be easily paralyzed by the snow storms of both political, and natural, atmospherics.

"By most accounts Daddy George was a kindly trader of the flesh, with wife Martha living in the big house on the Potomac River shore at Mt. Vernon, and a younger lovely, quite possibly, living in the city 20 miles up-stream, a girl who would gladly slip into the hot-babe role.

"Which was convenient for George, as it was for other New, and Old, World leader-guys of large import, since they could stay in town and kick back with the growing class of other 18th-century persons of large import, as they let down their wigs and bar-hopped through the horsey streets and stables of the goddess babes.

"The point of the whole goddess babe ideal being that every gentleman could dream of one day possessing his own personal Columbia, icon-dream come true, in the capital city of this land of New World dreams come true.

"'Martha,' Daddy George would write, the note dispatched by horseback to Mount Vernon, 'the business of the country requires my presence here for a fortnight longer, where I will spend the evenings thinking of your biscuits.'

"Martha would blush as she read the note, thinking the President was alluding to some area of female, anatomical pleasure, instead of using a compliment about her baking, dropped as a distraction. Martha's role was downstream on the farm grand-e, where the human cattle were stabled in accommodations not appearing in the Michelin Guide to good-night sleeps, while Daddy George was now a member the new Pantheon Americana, a pantheon transported to the resettling of the New World wilderness as a newly settled place where the dreams of gods and goddesses could finally come true.

"It wasn't long before this New World transplant of the ancient, goddess dream spread out across the continent. It needed room to grow since, by the time it reached the shores of North America, the ancient dream had become a dream that was now more about an obsession with the act of dreaming, than about any specific image that the dreaming act created.

"So it spread out and expanded to the point that, 200 years later, fantasy theme-park rides would become a hook for nearly every everyman, woman, boy, girl, mouse and duck, with the original 18-C Disney World of politics in America continuing to blow snow throughout the newly suburbed 21-C lands of this, the landscape of the dream-down city of Columbia.

"Which means then, in closing," Lightshow says in closing, sitting back and talking as she looks at Padre Fellner sitting on his desk-front at the front of class, "that the over-story of the charting of the world we are living in today, is a world that continues to be shoveled deep with snow stories written by an aging class of ten-year-olds, who can't bring themselves to move on from the seminal realization-moment of their lives, as, at the leading edge of a species' puberty, they sit down in the evolution road and won't continue going, consumed now with making goo-goo eyes at the gooey memory of their coming."

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- The Weather Station project of Tamara Lindeman: - a) "Loyalty" performed live Aug. 2015; - b) "Way it Is, Way it Could Be"; - c) "Personal Eclipse" video 2014 - d) "Shy Women" -- all from "Loyalty" 2015, lyrics



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