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"things we learned today"

(an oil sands mine in Alberta, Canada - from pembina.org)

ZD101: 1) "Mystery." A word Artha* defines as "something that baffles understanding," that we pronounce "'mis-ter-ee" and Google translate pronounces:
- a) Italian "meez-'tare-oh"
- b) French "'mee-stare"
- c) Dutch "'mis-teh-ree"
- d) German "ga-'hime-ness" and
- e) Japanese "'shin-pee".

With Japanese the clear winner on creative points, as a mystery that scares the shit out of you might also produce a quantity of shin pee if you're running with a stiff breeze at your back.

ANNABELLA SCOR-E-ELLA: Ha-ha, not. Why are you doing this? Is woolly_girls_gone_wild.com closed down for the waxing, Labor Day weekend?

ZD101: I type, therefore, I am -- typing. ... 2) "Socality." Really, September 4, 2015 is my introduction to this online and trending, philological shooting star? Where have I been?

ASEE: Beneath the same rock you were born under?

ZD101: Which is how I got to be a Rockette Man.

ASEE: Which is an example of why your humor legs are too short to give anyone a show.

ZD101: "Dwarf Rockettes" -- thanks for the idea heads-up. So ... "Socality." At first I thought it was just a version-spelling of "SoCal-ity," as in a hedon's den of "Southern California lifestyle" something. You know -- surfing, dudes, dudettes, tacos, nachos, golden bodies mindless in a Golden State of sun and fun. But no. It's an update of the "Hey-Seuss" legend, this time around as "The Love Doctor Meets the Commune of Hug the Meme Gram of Your Self-Enlightenment," all as an appreciation of god's grandeur as seen from the oil sands glory that is Alberta 2015.

ASEE: Oh, no. No fucking way I'm going to the ravagement of Al ... ber ... taaaa ... (as the final vowel sound fades into the distance)

(Scene 27: Muck-a-Duck, Alberta. Our Hero and Aunty Hero stand beside a row of Andy's House of Outs one-seaters, on a press o' piss above the vista of a grande, mother earth destruction.)

ZD101: So here we are, bearing witness to the glory of the humble earth's "Great Enrapture of Alberta," as we labor on through the cloistered fuck of economic insanity.

ASEE: You the fuck.

ZD101: Not I, lovely Annabella, Princess of the Shifty Sense of Self. (gestures) The fuck is there, and everywhere that leads to there. Behold, to what you are beholden.

ASEE: Very "Proverbs," devoted small-"B" bible guy. And your point?

ZD101: It's no mystery that paying homage to our ancient beasty-impulse for creating big-dog gods, is how we crucify our chances for an ego-neutral, indie human future.

20150914 07:57 (444 words)
* Artha, the cross-platform, cross-application dictionary-thesaurus that runs offline and in the background on Linux and Windows
read: (for sense of time and place fans)
- by Dara Kerr: a) "East Palo Alto: Life on the other side of Silicon Valley's tracks"; b) "Under the Volcano" -- life and death in El Salvador's civil war
- by Elton John and Bernie Taupin: a) "Rocket Man" from "Honky Château" 1972, performed in studio 1972; b) "Tiny Dancer" from "Madman Across the Water" 1971, performed in studio 1971
- by Damien Rice: performed live at Koninklijk Theater Carré Amsterdam Oct. 2014 (set 2: "The Blower's Daughter" 0:00, "Elephant" 3:09, "Amie" 9:33, "Colour Me In" 13:35, "The Professor" 19:06, "My Favourite Faded Fantasy" 25:20, "Volcano" 31:11, "Eskimo" 35:45, "I Remember" 41:23, "Trusty and True" 48:07)
- by Golden Earring: "Twilight Zone" from "Cut" 1982, performed live (12 mins w/dancing girls) 1984
- by Basia Bulat: performed live at Massey Hall in Toronto Jul. 2014 ("Run" 0:55, "Five, Four" 4:00, "Wires" 8:15, "Tall Tall Shadow" 13:50, "Before I Knew" 19:15, "It Can't Be You" 22:25)



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