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"mono logo - out of the time closet"

(photo from that's my gig)

(a guy with a nightly gig stands before an audience at Rockefeller Center doing standup comedy)

FALLON: In Indiana today, the Governor said he was confused that Gays could have so many friends while living in the closet.

HIGGINS: But wasn't that the point of coming "out" of the closet?

FAL: I think so. And maybe the point of living "in" the past, is that it can seem like things never change. (pause, to audience) Hello, welcome to The Tonight Show. I'm Jimmy Fallon, sitting in tonight for Johnny Carson.

BAND: (plays start of "Johnny's Theme" *)

FAL: (to Questlove) Thanks, Doc. And, I confess, I did-not-know you played the drums.

BAND: (plays "do-do-do-do" notes from "Twilight Zone" theme *)

FAL: Wait -- you aren't Doc. (slaps face, shakes head) Higgins? Are you there?

HIG: Yes Jimmy.

FAL: (to Higgins) Wow. I think I drifted off for a moment. Tell me Carson's not really on vacation.

HIG: He's not. He moved on to play the Big Room.

FAL: That's good. For a moment I thought I was back in the '60s.

HIG: Really? How was it?

FAL: Like being back in high school, before you knew better. You know, struggling to realize how messed up you, and things, really are, as you keep making the same mistakes, over and over.

HIG: Yeah. Some people think we're on the verge of forgetting that the '60s ever taught us anything.

FAL: That sounds deep.

HIG: It's possible. Sidekicks get better lines now.

FAL: That's cool. So living in the past, then --

HIG: Is like living in a time closet. And we need to --

FAL: Bring conservatives out of the time closet?

HIG: You realize we can't really do any of this, right?

FAL: Yeah, but, still -- how is forcing anyone to live in a time closet, right?

20150401 14:28 (317 words)
- * "Johnny's Theme" by Paul Anka, performed by Doc Severinsen and the NBC Orchestra
- * "Twilight Zone" theme by Marius Constant, w/"do-do-do-do" at 0:37
- by KT Tunstall: a) "Miniature Disasters" from "Eye to the Telescope" 2004, performed in studio (2007); b) "Yellow Flower" from "Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon" 2013, performed in studio 2013



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