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Dec. 31st, 2030


... notes on writing below

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May. 12th, 2016


/act 4 - george carlin/

(photo of George Carlin * b. May 12, 1937 New York, d. June 22, 2008 Santa Monica)

▸ * George Carlin doing "7 Dirty Words" (in part, the bit originally broadcast on WBAI radio in New York 1973, this video possibly from the HBO special "George Carlin: Again!" 1978)

May. 5th, 2016


"cookin' with the captain"

(Captain James Cook's ship the HMS Endeavour off the coast of New Holland, by Samuel Atkins c. 1794; as researchers with the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project announce on 20160504 they are "nearly sure" they've found the Endeavour -- sold and renamed the Lord Sandwich in 1775, then used as a troop transport until being scuttled by the British in 1778 during the American Revolutionary War, and now lying on the bottom of Newport Harbor.)

Captain Angel -- aka Angel LaDuke, 32, a bi-colored h. sapes, reed-thin girl with dreadlocks falling past the light, creamed coffee of her shoulders, and hot pink of her bikini halter top -- is swinging plastic bins full of food and other resupplies, from the dock at Pirate's Bay on the northwest coast of Guadeloupe, onto the deck of Hasty Pudding, her 42' Beneteau sloop.

"That it, girl?" Wide Size Charlemagne asks, grinning. "You need me come aboard, help you wash the laundry?"

"Uh-huh," Angel says, glancing up as she shifts the final bin. "Like that would happen on a day when Hell was not beginning another Ice Age."

"Just askin'."

"Just sayin', no way, no day." She straightens up. "But thanks, Wide Size, for wheeling out the cart. And say hi to your moms?"
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20160505 01:26 (750 words)
▸ KT Tunstall performing
- "Push That Knot Away" from "Tiger Suit" 2010
- "The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley and Mike Campbell, from Henley's album "Building the Perfect Beast" 1984
- "On Melancholy Hill" by Damon Albarn of Gorillaz from their album "Plastic Beach" 2010

Apr. 20th, 2016


"leaving u behind"

("View from the Mussel Pier in Amsterdam" by Ludolf Backhuysen 1673, from siftingthepast)

From "Directions on What to Take and What to Leave Behind" -- a recently undiscovered pamphlet published for passengers by New World Shipping, London and Amsterdam, 1690.

What to Take.

1) Five photos of family, friends, and other loved or formerly-love ones.

2) One pot.

3) One pan.

4) One pair of extra socks.
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20160420 11:43 (280 words)
▸ Sly and Robbie "Boops"
▸ Them Crooked Vultures "Scumbag Blues"
▸ Kathleen Edwards "Back to Me", and "The Cheapest Key"
▸ Langhorne Slim and the Law "The Way We Move", and "Changes"

Apr. 17th, 2016


"night school, week 1"

(photo by Vivienne Gucwa from nythroughthelens)

(scene 27 -- interior, evening; Day sitting on couch)

DAY: Okay, this is the part that always creeps me the fuck out.

MYSTERY VOICE: And why do you think that is?

DAY: I don't know. The light is fading and, as usual, I haven't really done my Night homework.

MV: And so you feel filled with, what -- dread?

DAY: Yeah, sure. I have no idea what to expect.

MV: So you think if you were a better student, you might ...

DAY: Actually enjoy the night? Sure. Boogie down with the night people. I think I could really dig cruising the streetlight-shadowed boulevards and alleyways, the leafy lanes and deadend-transit mamas. (sits up, starts rocking head) Checkin' out the shadow peeps. Bumpin' with the grunge. Mono-gender BITCH-uhs, ev-ree-where! Yeah. I could definitely get my funk top ON!

MV: Really?

DAY: (slumps back) No. Who am I kidding. I like the light, man. I mean -- why eat in the dark? I like to see what I'm eating.

MV: And what's eating you?

DAY: That's it. (pause, looks around) Can we turn the lights on?

MV: Sorry. That's not what night school is about.

20160417 10:57 (209 words)
▸ The Lumineers performing
- "Submarines", lyrics and
- "Stubborn Love", lyrics, by Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, from "The Lumineers" 2012
▸ Whetherman performing
- "In the Melody" by Nicholas Williams, from "Seeds for Harvest" 2015, lyrics
▸ Cat Stevens performing
- "Father and Son" live 1971, from "Tea for the Tillerman" 1970
- "Moonlight Mile" 2002, to watch two characters/actors (Gyllenhall and Pompeo) being totally alive)

Apr. 2nd, 2016


"discovering AmErica"

... one girl's selfied voyage of self-discovery

episode 1: "Like Magellan in a Hoodie, Heading West"
(cast at end*)

(Maliblu, from the ER doctor)

(Scene 01-A -- exterior, day, car [music] -- Erica Adams, struggling actor, sitting in her car, windows up, stopped in L.A. traffic, listening to music on radio; she glances around, gently nodding head, then reaches out and turns music up, closes eyes, begins air dancing; traffic begins to move, guy behind her lays on horn; she opens eyes, looks in rearview mirror and smiles, raises right hand, turned-around, waving fingers at guy in car behind, as she moves slowly forward)

(Scene 01-B -- interior, day, office [music] -- Helen Stoffle, Erica's agent, sitting at her desk with WiFi headset on, listening to music; looking at calendar on laptop, calls Erica from computer)

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20160403 09:22 (3917 words)
- Simon & Garfunkel performing "America" live in Central Park 1981, from "Bookends" 1968
- Ben Howard performing "The Wolves" in studio 2012 with India Bourne and Chris Bond, from "Every Kingdom" 2011
- Brown Bird performing "Fingers to the Bone" live 2012 David Lamb and MorganEve Swain, from "Salt for Salt" 2011
- Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini performing "Book of Dreams", video 2016, from "Desert Songs" 2016
- The Milk Carton Kids performing "Monterey" in studio 2015, from "Monterey" 2015
- KT Tunstall performing "You Make Loving Fun" by Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac from "Rumours" 1977, in studio 2016
- Luluc performing "Passerby", in studio (2013), from "Passerby" 2014
- The Paper Kites performing "Turns Within Me Turns Without Me", video 2015, from "twelvefour" 2015

Mar. 23rd, 2016


"mono logo - what's the point"

empty stage 04.jpg
(photo from pixgood)

(... a girl in 2016 L.A. does stand-up before we're pretty sure a crowd)

"With all the murder tragedy in the news the past few weeks, someone actually said to me on Twitter that he thinks, in order to survive, stand-up comedy will have to go from being topical humor about the present, to being either jokes about the past, or just turns on a science-fiction so different from the present, it's safe to laugh at.

"Yeah. It was a long, six-part tweet reply. I mean, I like having fans and being Twitter-stalked as much as the next person. But face it, people -- if you have more to say than you can easily type out with your thumbs, maybe Twitter is not the best place for you to be hanging out.

"Anyway -- he was partly right. It is getting harder and harder to talk about the here-and-now of life, and find anything to laugh about. Which makes the scene of me standing up here and trying to tell jokes, and you sitting there and trying to laugh -- and, just a short aside, my cozy studio apartment in Pacoima, and I, thank you for that effort, really -- it makes us seem like those guys who just sat around and fiddled as Rome burned.

"You know, like Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, sitting around Marconi's garage radio studio in their mechanic's togas and making funny while fiddling with a fuel injector, while some poor guy is waiting to hear why his chariot won't start.

CLICK: (laughs) Did you try feeding the horse?

CLACK: (laughs) Yeah. And check the other end. A blocked tailpipe can really cut down on the horse-power.

"So then I thought: Hey, maybe that is the point of what we're doing. Why I'm here, trying to put some perspective on my need to pay my bills, while doing something I must have been born to do because I can't really seem to do anything else, and why you are there, enabling me.

"It's like that historical joke about George Washington, when he was cutting down one of the cherry trees that line the tidal basin in D.C., and a Senator walked up to him. 'Mr. President,' the Senator said, as George put down his chain saw and looked up, 'you are the man who fathered a whole country, and now you are destroying part of its national treasure? What gives, Daddy Dude?'

"The President smiled, his tobacco-stained wooden teeth dully gleaming in the sunlight. 'Senator, we're putting in a resort-casino right where we stand. So that 200 years from now our descendants can look back with gratitude on the financial foresight we displayed, in building great symbols of the lasting monetary value of great symbols of lasting monetary value.'

"Humor historians are still uncertain exactly what the Senator replied. My guess is he may have simply stood there, completely speechless, at just what the fuck was going on.

"Which I guess is both a historical joke about the past, and the presence of the past in the 'doo-doo-doo-doo,' 'Twilight Zone' nature of the present. And why, maybe, with so much past zombie disco-dancing in the present, there is no real talk about a future."

20160324 09:31 (563 words)
▸ Anthony D'Amato performing:
-a) "Ludlow" released as a single 2013
-b) "If it Don't Work Out" performed live 2014
-c) "Good and Ready"
- all from "The Shipwreck From the Shore" 2014

Mar. 8th, 2016


"dk nanaimo"

(screenshot of Diana Krall smiling at Stuart Duncan's vocal harmony in "Ophelia," a great close to a great set at Montreux 2013*)

"Yeah -- DK Nanaimo. It's like DK New York, but with more buffalo plaid," Angel says and pauses. "And the fact the clothes are extra cool because they're made of music."

Angel Huston is doing instant message back-and-forths with Cherry Ringwald, a guy she knows from 6th period "English as creative writing because, face it, language is less about the rules and rituals of the act of passing-down, than it is about the juju of the come-together in the thing passed down." That being a course title Alex Bigsley, "a humble teacher of the lingo" at Isaac Newton High, had hoped to make official. The school board, unfortunately, thought it was "a little long" to fit neatly inside "Meadowdale Schools: Who We Are and Where We're Going" -- its five-year "outlook on curricula" and general statement of a modest sense of institutie-self.

"Cool," Cherry writes back. "Buffalo plaid is like your Granny's quilt, walking upright on its own. Like this girl inside her music."
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20160308 09:12 (545 words)
* Diana Krall performing live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2013
- 00:01 "Temptation" by Tom Waits 1987
- 09:56 "What'll I Do" by Irving Berlin 1923
- 13:00 "Deed I Do" by Fred Rose and Walter Hirsch 1926
- 16:00 "A Man Needs A Maid" and "Heart Of Gold" by Neil Young 1972
- 21:52 "Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter" attributed to Fred E. Ahlert and Joe Young 1935, likely written by Fats Waller
- 25:10 "Simple Twist Of Fate" by Bob Dylan 1975
- 30:00 "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" attributed to Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields 1930, likely written by Fats Waller
- 33:28 "Just You, Just Me" by Jesse Greer and Raymond Klages 1929
- 37:25 "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Harry Warren and Al Dubin 1933
- 42:52 "Ophelia" by Robbie Robertson of The Band 1975
- (bandlings: Diana Krall - piano, vocals; Dennis Crouch - upright bass; Karriem Riggins - drums; Aram Bajakian - guitar; Stuart Duncan - violin, guitar, vocals; Patrick Warren - keyboards)

Feb. 13th, 2016


"be my valiant_tine*"

(crude photo manipulation from: -a) internetcensus2012, a graphical depiction of world Internet activity by active IP addresses in June to October 2012, from bitbucket.org; -b) candy heart from techtimes.com; and -c) a missing photo, the one you know is there but can't come close to being shown, of the billions of data packets sent and received between IP addresses, connections made and unmade, forked and unforked, every minute -- which, actually and not metaphorically, represents an enormous mirror image we've created of the link-link going on inside our heads)

Happy Valentine's Day, Internet. I love hanging out with you.

20160213 11:20 (10 words)
* words: finding worth by following the forks
- valiant \'val-yənt\ adj [ME valiaunt, fr. OF, fr. prp. of valoir to be of worth, from L valēre to be strong -- more at wield] (14c) 1: possessing or acting with bravery or boldness : courageous (~ soldiers) 2: marked by, exhibiting, or carried out with courage or determination : heroic (~ feats)
- tine \'tīn\ n [ME tind, fr. OE; akin to OHG zint point, tine] (bef. 12c) 1: a slender pointed projecting part : prong 2: a pointed branch of an antler -- tined \'tīned\ adj
- [from "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary" tenth edition, 1994]

5 versions of "Piece of My Heart", by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns, originally recorded by Erma Franklin (Aretha Franklin's older sister) in 1967, then by Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin, from "Cheap Thrills" 1968
- Erma Franklin, a single 1967
- Ike & Tina Turner and the Ikettes, live 1971
- Nazareth from "Maximum XS: The Essential Nazareth" 2004
- Anna and the Barbies live in Budapest (2011?)
- Elvis Rock Band - 20 from Brazil, live (2012?)

- John Turturro's, Rosedale Queens love opera "Romance and Cigarettes" 2005, on tubi tv

Feb. 12th, 2016


"fellow ship"

... and other floats of boats

(photo from jchanders at deviant art)

"The realization that stuff floats is perhaps a discovery much older than the one involving fire as a way to toast the muffins of your world. ..." The words were printed out on a folded-over sheet of 8.5x11, and left on a seat of the 7:27 train from Glower Heights.

Following the printed sentence the ellipsis was added by hand in green, medium-ballpoint ink. Which is why the train was stopped at Daniels Center and Detective Falsestruthers, of the Pennsylvania State Bureau of Investigation, was called.

"Officer Melkin," Det. Falsestruthers says walking up and taking a large evidence envelope from the courier bag hanging from his shoulder.

"Bart," Angela Melkin responds. "Just curious ..."

"Yes?" Falsestruthers says, carefully picking the sheet up with a nitrile-gloved hand and slipping it into the envelope.

"... why it took two hours for someone from the PSBI to respond? I'm guessing the answer involves coffee and a donut named 'Francine'?"

"I stopped naming donuts," Falsestruthers says as he takes three photos of the evidence with his phone, "after 'Angela' had trouble going down."

He smiles at her. She's smiling back.


"Uh-huh. Donuts, going down, fuckhead -- do you think this conversation has a subtext?" he asks, sliding the evidence inside the courier bag.

"I think maybe that's a question you should bring up with Dr. Winkle."

"I'm guessing Rip would only answer with a question."

They're still standing in the aisle and smiling at each other as the train conductor approaches.

"'Why can't you bring yourself to like the girl?' Rip Van Winkle asks patient Zero," Angela says.

"'I do,' Zero answers," Falsestruthers says, 'but she has a head that's floating on its own. As do I. So we're more like flotsam meeting just in passing, each with different lists of things that matter, as the mix of individual and social currents that motivate our lives, pushes us together and apart.'"

"'Poetic,' Dr. Winkle comments, 'Like an ad for a laxative suppository called Harvest Moon.'"

"'That's a rip, Rip.' Zero says."

"Oh, how sweet. The children are interacting," the conductor adds, walking up. "Now do you think I could have my mother-fucking train back?"

"Sure thing, George," Falsestruthers answers. "Officer Melkin. Give my best to Lt. Woof."

20160211 11:53 (389 words)
- The Dears performing: - a) "Here's to the Death of All the Romance"; and - b) "I Used to Pray For the Heavens to Fall" -- from "Times Infinity Volume One" 2015

Feb. 10th, 2016


"meme versus anti-meme"

... as they relate to big bangs everywhere

(photo of "utitled", acrylic on paper c. 2000 by Margaret Kilgallen, from a Ratio 3, San Francisco exhibition 2011)

The theater is a small, black box that lives up to its name.

"How do they get it so, freak-ing, dark?" Heskle whispers.

"Acme R-300, light vacuums," Veetle whispers back. "One in every corner, top and bottom, where light tends to pool-up and then backwash toward the deepest center of the room."

"How do you know about light vacuums?"

"'Popular Mechanics,' the August 2012 issue."

Heskle breath-laughs. "Right. And if I can hear you smiling in the words?"

"That is," Veetle answers in a monotonic robo-voice, "just the lang-uage do-ing it's own thing. I am mere-ly a re-cord-er of a lex-i-con-ic mo-ment."

In the darkness a voice-surround that carries with it a remarkable lack of gender specificity, begins.

"In the beginning, there was darkness."

The room is silent for five more beats. Then a strobe light flashes and goes dark, as the room suddenly glows white-hot then fades from white-to-ash-to-tan-to-brown-to-black, as the sensory memory of light goes back to an empty home.

"Then there was a brief absence of the darkness, a nothing-nothing that, in terms of darkness, equals light."

Then the voice-surround goes wordless once again, in the looming silence of the dark.

"Wait," Heskle whispers. "In the beginning there was darkness? So the big bang was dark, and the light came afterward?"

"Yes," Veetle whispers in anti-silence to the silence meme in the room, "like photon crashers looking for a party. In the beginning there was a party waiting for a party-start. Then the partiers arrived, pulled together by the giant black hole of a lack of party just before the party-start, then the disco ball was lit and the party shit began."

"So this is high school, worrying-the-pimples art & science?"

"Hey, it's partly school-shit so it must be partly right-shit, right?"

20160210 13:37 (324 words)
- Joe Sample performing - a) "Night Flight" from "The Hunter" 1983, reissued on "Sample This" 1997/2008; and - b) with Randy Crawford vocals, and the Joe Sample Trio (Joe Sample piano, Nicklas Sample bass, and Ethan Eubanks drums) live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2013 - ((00:01) "Me, Myself and I" by Allan Roberts, Alvin Kaufman and Irving Gordon); (02:40) "Tell Me More and Then Some" by Billie Holiday; (05:18) "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe" by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg; (08:04) "Rainy Night in Georgia" by Tony Joe White; (13:29) "Everybody's Talking" by Harry Nilsson; (17:25) "One Day I'll Fly Away" by Joe Sample and Will Jennings; (22:15) "Rio de Janeiro Blue" by Richard Torrance and John Haeny; (27:00) "Improvisation on You Are My Sunshine" by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell; (28:05) "This Bitter Earth" by Clyde Otis; (32:02) "Street Life" by Joe Sample and Will Jennings; (38:25) "Almaz" by Randy Crawford; (44:30) "Last Night at Danceland" Joe Sample and Will Jennings)
- (prompts from the great KALX and studio denizens Matokie, III and Suhnharini Vasahn Suundelehguntah (hey, put that on your luggage, dude)

Feb. 8th, 2016


"northern california girls"

(photo by R.Z. Hooker from "By the Bus Stop" series)

(Scene 1, exterior, day. A city street in the year 2516, on the continent now known as "Gone WannaLand," as a melting world continues turning and the spec Homo sapiens continues to devolve into the wantless peopleoids, and guys and girls still, for reasons peopleoid science has yet to determine, continue to gaze deep into their culture mirrors as they wantlessly hunt and gather what is left.)

ZOOLEY.TOOTER.DOME: HEY!! (grabs arm of guy passing by her near the curb, as the No. 27 Glower Heights bus flashes by)

PEAKED.AT.FIVE: (stops, looks up from reading text message on his pocket-size culture mirror) Whoa. Fuck.

ZTD: Yeah. Close one.

PAF: Thanks. (big sigh, looks across street) You'd think, as reading and writing is reduced to fewer and fewer words, that it would become less dangerous.

ZTD: (smiles at him, looks across street) Yeah. You'd think so. Unless, somehow, the words are actually more like cushions. Safety nets. So as we approach the point where we can sum up everything in just six characters, we are, in fact, approaching downtown Doomtown, population 0.

PAF: (looks at her, characterizing) A head that could walk the world entirely on its own, in a pair of very cool, sensible shoes. Wow! You're a Northern California girl!

ZTD: (turns head in quick area-scan) Hey -- keep it down. Ok? Fuck, man.

PAF: Sorry. It's just -- I thought you were all extinct.

ZTD: (looks back across street) No. The profile has just become so low it's now, like, subterranean.

PAF: (looks back across street) So you broke profile, because ...

ZTD: Habit. Habits are like the rebels of the times.

PAF: So when times ...

ZTD: ... were better, it was bad habits that seemed like hydra-snakes that wouldn't die. Now, in a world of simmering shit soup, it's good habits that won't go quiet into the shit-soup night.

PAF: So there is an upside.

ZTD: As long as there is gravity, there's a downside and an upside.

(her bus stops)

ZTD: This is mine. (begins to walk to door, turns back) And do yourself a favor -- try to keep your head. In the end it's the only thing that matters.

20160208 16:17 (379 words)
- Camper Van Beethoven performing "Northern California Girls" in studio 2013, from "La Costa Perdida" 2013
- David Bowie performing: - a) "I Can't Give Everything Away"; and - b) "Dollar Days" -- both from "Blackstar" 2016

Feb. 1st, 2016


"on the shore"

(photo of Ouzo Tyrnavou from wikipedia)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts - January 31, 2016

It's just past dawn on the last day of January, and cold along the Atlantic side of the lower cape, with a 20mph wind coming off the ocean and an inch of new snow on the dry-grass stubbled dunes.

The boy is all alone. He could be the last boy living in the world. Or the first. Or just the only person fool enough to be out walking on a beach, this early and in weather that's this cold. He's wearing hiking boots and thick wool socks, old jeans over cotton long-johns, a long-sleeve mock-t-shirt, heavy sweater, canvas coat that falls to mid-crack of his shallow butt, and a navy stocking cap pulled down as far as it will go above a muffler wrapped so tight and tucked around his face and neck, his neural apparatus, and the trunk that holds it to his trunk, could be a fish wrapped tight inside sheets of last week's newspaper, now walking upright on the sand.
more ...Collapse )

20160201 10:43 (717 words)
- Hurray for the Riff Raff performing: - a) "St. Roch Blues"; - b) "The Body Electric"; and - c) "I Know It's Wrong (But That's Alright)" - all from "Small Town Heroes" 2014

Jan. 26th, 2016


"President Zombie-Don"

(new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Republicans now see Donald Trump as the most electable candidate among the GOP ("Guns On People") hopefuls, as conservatives begin to salivate at the prospect of finally getting to eat people again)

(scene 27, "The Inauguration" -- with music* playing in the background, camera pans up Pennsylvania Avenue as President-elect Zombie-Donald Trump, sitting at a dinner table on a flatbed Rolls-Royce truck, leans out and grabs an on-looker)

AIDE: Can I carve that for you?

ZOMBIE-DON: (tears off part of shoulder with his teeth) Nah. No need. (chews, thoughtful aside) This is so great. Beautiful day. Large crowd. I'm so glad I got into politics. It's like a feast that never ends.

20160126 11:26 (86 words)
- * "Hail to the Chief" a disco/hip-hop/electronic/marching band remix

Jan. 25th, 2016


"D.C. - Down City"

(painting "Spirit of the Frontier" by John Gast, 1872, showing the Goddess Columbia stringing telegraph line and enabling the "manifest destiny" settlement of North America)

(snow removal in Arlington VA Jan 24, 2016, from "The Washington Post")

(snow unremoval in Vermont ca. 1900, using snow roller, from the University of Vermont Libraries via mentalfloss.com)

"D.C., originally an ab-brev for the District of Columbia, with the 'Columbia' part being a popular, 18th-century New World update of the ancient, goddess babe ideal." Gillian "Lightshow" Reynolds is reading from her seat near the back of "English as Creative Writing" class, at "The Son of Thomas Jeffer" High School in Tacoma Park, Maryland.

She's hunched over the two sheets of rumpled 8-1/2 x 11 lying on her desktop, with revisions handwritten between the print-out lines, looking like a rumpled snowplowed pile of girl in a sweatshirt, polo shirt and jeans, staring down at the dusting of black letters that first fell upon her laptop screen late last night, after she told MoonDog Ellis in a private message that he could go drink sheep shit through a straw.
more ...Collapse )

20160127 08:33 (753 words)
- The Weather Station project of Tamara Lindeman: - a) "Loyalty" performed live Aug. 2015; - b) "Way it Is, Way it Could Be"; - c) "Personal Eclipse" video 2014 - d) "Shy Women" -- all from "Loyalty" 2015, lyrics

Jan. 15th, 2016


"kiss the words"

... and let them breathe

(Alan Rickman* Feb. 21, 1946 to Jan. 14, 2016, prepares to kiss the dialogue with Lindsay Duncan in "Private Lives" 2002)

E LIES A DOLITTLE: (w/bad girl P.R. accent, snapping gum) So, 'es-plain me, pleeeze, Profie H? (fast switch to uppity-crust British accent) I shoulld be pro-nounz-ing the King's English, as suh-ch, for-evv-er mohhre?

HEN RE HIGGINS: Yes. Say the vow-wells and con-so-nan-tays, like they, not you, are standing on the marriage stage, in a church, before a crowd, with every body covered in its finest livery.

ELAD: (straight) Oh. With "livery" being the turn-on turn on "live" then -- a word that means, variously: a) a servant's uniform, b) a transfer of title or possession, and c) the care and feeding of horses for pay?

HRH: Yes. It's the anti-top of posh, a step beyond the deprecate that sits on every phrase like a hen's vain cluck. Where the anti- means, essentially, that the speakers stand aware and costumed-up, engaged with what they're doing, having transfered ego title, in the humble care and feeding of the King's English horses.

ELAD: Which is why Rickman's at the top?

HRH: As an artful, human groom -- a kid from council housing with a speech impediment, in service to the lettered record of the life that's living in our heads.

20160115 13:34 (225 words)
* Alan Rickman interview 2006
- Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Adele, Christmas 2015
- Brooke Waggoner ... 1) from "Sweven" 2016 - a) "Pennies and Youth"; b) "Adults"; c) "Fellow"; d) "The Splitting of Yourself in Two" ... 2) performed in studio 2009 - a) "So-So" from "Fresh Pair of Eyes" 2007; b) "Meek; Wild" from "Go Easy Little Doves" 2009

Jan. 9th, 2016


"bag a' vonds"

(photos from bag, world, and brain)

"It's like a really big, renewable bag, that's self-mending, self-filling and -fulfilling, except it never really does get full because the bag size changes to fit what's being put inside or taken out, which happens nonstop, like a Greyhound bus without a destination that's burning hydrogen it draws in from the air," Chelsea says, sliding words together like "what-me-worry?" beads upon a string, as she tries to answer Melor's question: "Could you describe how the bag works?"

She takes a breath then looks up at the dingy ceiling tiles of Smith 320 and continues with the answer, like she's watching a video of what she's saying as it plays out on a room-roof screen.
more ...Collapse )
20160109 18:44 (718 words)
- Sunny Amoreena performing El Centro a single 2014, dedicated to actor Donal Logue
- Bon Iver performing "Flume" from "Emma, Forever Ago" 2007
- Round Mountain performing "Coffee" a single 2013
- Wolf Larsen performing "Jedi" from "Quiet at the Kitchen Door" 2011
- Balmorhea performing live at Point Ephémère, Paris, Nov. 2014 (0:00 "Shore"; 7:11 "Attesa"; 10:31 "En Route"; 15:51 "Dream of Thaw"; 21:11 "The Summer"; 24:58 "Greyish Tapering Ash"; 28:23 "And I Can Feel The Soft Rustling Of My Blood (As If Snow Were Sliding Down The Mountains)"; 32:26 "To The Order Of Night"; 36:04 "Heir I"; 40:06 "Baleen Morning"; 43:38 "Constellations"; 47:28 "We Will Rebuild With Smooth Stones")

Dec. 25th, 2015


"root on"

... lovelornly tarantella

(photo from kennsingtoncafesd.com, drawing by Charles M. Schulz of "Peanuts" characters Snoopy and Woodstock -- Merry Christmas, Internet *)

ANNA BATHA: "Lovelornly" as in tending to be adverbially love lorn some?

HOOPSVILLE BULLYUN: A girl who loves to dis a semble.

AB: (breath laugh) And a tarantella -- what Artha is returning as "a lively whirling Italian dance for two persons to music composed in six/eight time" --

HB: -- you have Artha memorized?

AB: On call. I just keyboard-dial "ctrl + alt + w."

HB: You are advanced.

AB: I'm a character in a die-a'logging story, written by someone sitting at a desk in hump-frump Florida, in boxers and a t-shirt. How advanced can that be?

HB: Depends, I guess, on the writer. Is he wearing Depends?

AB: Not yet. And no matter where anyone might happen to be between life's diaper bookends, in terms of "meaning" that dough naught matter.

HB: Because ...

AB: We are the meaning in the same way that Santa is the deliveryman for Amazon. What it's all not about is us as the ego-glory end of some hormone-floated human thingy, whether stuffed in boxers or in pants, or tube-bare waving "Hello" in the humid, saw palmetto breeze.

HB: Ok, hottie Moma, pretty please put me and "in form" on a floor of dance together? What is it?

AB: For you it's the lingua, frankly.

HB: As in the warm and slippery tongue Français?

AB: Anglais. Français. Hey, say -- there is no geo-poli flag for the warm and slippery wordsome love you are still not-yet-quite-fully-capable of making.

HB: As in ...

AB: The passing image of the long time-worked, genetic "need in the us-of-me" the tall, reedy girl from Aberdeen and a pick-up band in Switzerland are bringing up to life, at the asterisk below -- as the music love they picked up from the tracks-of-life laid down by a brotherhood of brothers who had fled the South for the future Detroit offered. Picked up, transformed and renewed -- what the winter solstice of life has always been about, since we were human-capable of seeing life as a present between a past and a better future.

20151225 16:16 (360 words)
- Annie Lennox performing live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1992, broadcast by "MTV Unplugged" - (00:50 "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)" by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart of Eurythmics, from same 1985 - 04:52 "Walking on Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox from "Diva" 1992 - 08:34 "Cold" id. - 13.19 "River Deep Mountain High" by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich 1966, single by Tina Turner 1966 - 17:13 "Here Comes the Rain Again" by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart of Eurythmics, from "Touch" 1984 - 21:50 "The Gift" by Annie Lennox and The Blue Nile, from "Diva" 1992 - 16:20 "You've Placed a Chill in My Heart" by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart of Eurythmics, from "Chill" 1988 - 31:00 * "Feel the Need in Me" by Abrim Tilmon of The Detroit Emeralds, single 1973 - 33:55 "Stay By Me" by Annie Lennox, from "Diva" 1992 - 39.49 "Why" id. - 44:55 "Don't Let Me Down" by John Lennon of the Beatles, single 1969

Nov. 20th, 2015


"proud to be a merkin"

... especially during this election season, which inspired us to create 3 new, culture recipes you've never heard of

(photo from bcjmedia.com)

1) Merkin Soup
- 3 fresh merkins
- 1 large cucumber studded with cloves
- 1/4 cup extra-hot virgin olive oil
- 4 cups bodily fluids of your choice (your chance to be creative!)
- salt to taste
- sauté merkins, whole cucumber and cloves in olive oil over low heat, then add to bodily fluids and simmer until merkins fall apart
- skim merkin floaters from surface with large spoon
- serve soup in bowls, with fresh cream drizzled on top in artful patterns

2) Anus Fondue
- 1 lb. cheddar cheese
- melt cheese in pot over low heat
- when bubbling, pour over anus of your choice (your chance to be creative!)
- serve with toast points

3) Brain Candy
- 1 gal. very cold ice cream in flavor of your choice (your chance to be creative!)
- 1 brain
- remove brain from braincase, either manually, or with the aid of smartphone apps so challenging you need to work them with your thumbs
- with large spoon dig hole in ice cream and bury brain, leaving buried until brain is thoroughly frozen (time varies depending on air content)
- remove brain and smash into tiny pieces with very large club, then eat like candy

20151119 18:42 (192 words)
- Polly and the Billets Doux performing: - a) "Money Tree" from "Money Tree" 2014; - b) "Hold Fast" from "Hold Fast" 2012
- Pauline Taylor performing: "Disco Nap"

Oct. 5th, 2015


"the BabyLon"

... and Babylons, old and new*

("Hanging Gardens of Babylon" by Maarten van Heemskerck (1498–1574))

(graphical depiction of the Internet from 2005, mapped at opte.org)

Born in Seattle General in the wee, small hours of a rough and rainy January, the BabyLon was 5 weeks early. Her mother, Mary Tompkins, had her night out with the girls cut short in the middle of a disco-ball lit dance floor at Hooter Boogie on Madison and 12th, her water breaking like a weary womb-dam near the end of a Wild Bunch cover of the Stones' "Brown Sugar."

Apparently the BabyLon had had enough. Bored to gestation death in an efficiency apartment the size of a loin closet, with meals that offered nothing a kid could really sink her interest-teeth into. No burgers. No fries. No Oreos and ice cream. And no fucking Internet. Really, who would hang around a slime-walled crib at the Uterus Motel, with no music? Not this kid.
more ...Collapse )
20151110 09:11 (984 words)
* happy birthday Linux, empowering the web at 24 -- v. 0.02, the first usable release of Linux source code, released Oct. 5, 1991

- "Natural Way" by by Marike Jager, from "Here Comes the Night" 2011, performed live
- a) "Master Pretender"; and - b) "The Lion's Roar" music videos by First Aid Kit
- performed live in Seattle 2014 by Rodrigo y Gabriela (- 0:00 "The Soundmaker"; - 5:20 "Santo Domingo"; - 15:00 "Torito"; - 21:00 "Diablo Rojo"; - 28:00 "Fram"; - 34:00 "Orion"; - 37:00 "The Russian Messenger"
- "Funtimes in Babylon" by Father John Misty, from "Fear Fun" 2012, performed live in Seattle 2012

Sep. 20th, 2015



(photo of two chairs in garden)

(Outtake ideas for Season 3 of "The Blacklist" on NBC, adding 1 outtake per episode to the closing credits, with Red and Liz sitting in two chairs in a garden, both with drinks, smoking cigars, looking out)

- RED: Doing this with a slim, attractive girl, is really much more fun.
- LIZ: Beam me up, Scotty.

- RED: Thanks for saving my life again.
- LIZ: It was in the script. Don't take it personally.

- RED: I think I need a bigger gun.
- LIZ: I'm so not touching that.

- RED: You really are quite charming.
- LIZ: You realize you went over the hill, a few hundred miles back.

- RED: I think you are even hotter as a blond.
- LIZ: Thanks, but the last thing I want to think about is your thermometer.

- RED: What do you like best about me?
- LIZ: Not sure. It's hard to see anything past the super-nova of your ego.

- RED: I think the way you handle a gun is really quite sexy.
- LIZ: Again -- this is about your thermometer, not me.

- RED: So when I'm sitting with you, like this, how do I forget about my personal thermometer?
- LIZ: You could try pulling your pants up over your ears, and smoke the cigar through your zipper.

- RED: You realize I'm not all bad.
- LIZ: Sure. You're just a good guy who found enormous opportunity in a bad world.

- RED: Why, in this contest between good and bad, is good so "unrelenting"?
- LIZ: It's genetic.
- RED: What is?
- LIZ: The struggle between good and bad. It's a mirror image in the moment, of long-term evolution. So as long as we keep evolving, time is on good's side, and seems unrelenting.
- RED: (pause) I've never seen you like this.
- LIZ: Because I'm not a character in your story?

20150922 11:49 (333 words)
- "Little Bribes" by Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, from "The Open Door EP" 2009
- "My Heart With You" by The Rescues, from "The Rescues EP" 2010, performed in studio Dec. 2009
- "Crash Into the Sun by Jim White, from "Transnormal Skiperoo" 2007
- "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman, from "Tracy Chapman" 1988, performed live

Sep. 4th, 2015


"things we learned today"

(an oil sands mine in Alberta, Canada - from pembina.org)

ZD101: 1) "Mystery." A word Artha* defines as "something that baffles understanding," that we pronounce "'mis-ter-ee" and Google translate pronounces:
- a) Italian "meez-'tare-oh"
- b) French "'mee-stare"
- c) Dutch "'mis-teh-ree"
- d) German "ga-'hime-ness" and
- e) Japanese "'shin-pee".

With Japanese the clear winner on creative points, as a mystery that scares the shit out of you might also produce a quantity of shin pee if you're running with a stiff breeze at your back.

ANNABELLA SCOR-E-ELLA: Ha-ha, not. Why are you doing this? Is woolly_girls_gone_wild.com closed down for the waxing, Labor Day weekend?

ZD101: I type, therefore, I am -- typing. ... 2) "Socality." Really, September 4, 2015 is my introduction to this online and trending, philological shooting star? Where have I been?

ASEE: Beneath the same rock you were born under?

ZD101: Which is how I got to be a Rockette Man.

ASEE: Which is an example of why your humor legs are too short to give anyone a show.

ZD101: "Dwarf Rockettes" -- thanks for the idea heads-up. So ... "Socality." At first I thought it was just a version-spelling of "SoCal-ity," as in a hedon's den of "Southern California lifestyle" something. You know -- surfing, dudes, dudettes, tacos, nachos, golden bodies mindless in a Golden State of sun and fun. But no. It's an update of the "Hey-Seuss" legend, this time around as "The Love Doctor Meets the Commune of Hug the Meme Gram of Your Self-Enlightenment," all as an appreciation of god's grandeur as seen from the oil sands glory that is Alberta 2015.

ASEE: Oh, no. No fucking way I'm going to the ravagement of Al ... ber ... taaaa ... (as the final vowel sound fades into the distance)

(Scene 27: Muck-a-Duck, Alberta. Our Hero and Aunty Hero stand beside a row of Andy's House of Outs one-seaters, on a press o' piss above the vista of a grande, mother earth destruction.)

ZD101: So here we are, bearing witness to the glory of the humble earth's "Great Enrapture of Alberta," as we labor on through the cloistered fuck of economic insanity.

ASEE: You the fuck.

ZD101: Not I, lovely Annabella, Princess of the Shifty Sense of Self. (gestures) The fuck is there, and everywhere that leads to there. Behold, to what you are beholden.

ASEE: Very "Proverbs," devoted small-"B" bible guy. And your point?

ZD101: It's no mystery that paying homage to our ancient beasty-impulse for creating big-dog gods, is how we crucify our chances for an ego-neutral, indie human future.

20150914 07:57 (444 words)
* Artha, the cross-platform, cross-application dictionary-thesaurus that runs offline and in the background on Linux and Windows
read: (for sense of time and place fans)
- by Dara Kerr: a) "East Palo Alto: Life on the other side of Silicon Valley's tracks"; b) "Under the Volcano" -- life and death in El Salvador's civil war
- by Elton John and Bernie Taupin: a) "Rocket Man" from "Honky Château" 1972, performed in studio 1972; b) "Tiny Dancer" from "Madman Across the Water" 1971, performed in studio 1971
- by Damien Rice: performed live at Koninklijk Theater Carré Amsterdam Oct. 2014 (set 2: "The Blower's Daughter" 0:00, "Elephant" 3:09, "Amie" 9:33, "Colour Me In" 13:35, "The Professor" 19:06, "My Favourite Faded Fantasy" 25:20, "Volcano" 31:11, "Eskimo" 35:45, "I Remember" 41:23, "Trusty and True" 48:07)
- by Golden Earring: "Twilight Zone" from "Cut" 1982, performed live (12 mins w/dancing girls) 1984
- by Basia Bulat: performed live at Massey Hall in Toronto Jul. 2014 ("Run" 0:55, "Five, Four" 4:00, "Wires" 8:15, "Tall Tall Shadow" 13:50, "Before I Knew" 19:15, "It Can't Be You" 22:25)

Aug. 19th, 2015


"all roads lead to something"

(the Traveling Wilburys* 1988 -- Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Jeff Lynne; photo by Alberto Tolot, from popmatters.com)

"Okay. So we're, like, fucking travelers. Still. Nomads. You know, but nomads capable of doing our nomad shit anywhere now -- even sitting at a desk and listening to five ancient rock-and-rollians, having music fun."

The class laughs, as the Traveling Wilburys' video of "Handle With Care" loop-plays on a screen behind her. Charly Pritchard has just read her 500-word story with video accompaniment "On the Road 'Yo."

"So it's like an appreciation of the kind of creative fun that can exist, beyond the need to define our lives with grading curves?" Thomas Jeffers asks from the back of class. "A way of judging people that was, not surprisingly, designed by a lonely guy to resemble a human breast without a nipple."
more ...Collapse )
20150819 15:11 (552 words)
- * "Handle With Care" from "Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1" 1988, the first song written by the five Traveling Wilburys band members together, lyrics
- "Michigan" by The Milk Carton Kids, from "Prologue" 2011, performed live 2014, - lyrics
- "Misread" by Kings of Convenience, from "Riot on an Empty Street" 2004
- the fully-pimped version of the ICCA 2014 Championship winning routine of Pitch Slapped, a student-run a cappella group at the Berklee College of Music, with song and performance credits on the page below the video
- "Niantic - It's the Town for Me", music by Kelly Eberle, lyrics by Kelly and Kate Eberle
- "Wild Things," "Miss the Way We Used to Say Hello," and "Willows" by Kelly Eberle, beginning at 04:58

Aug. 3rd, 2015


"mono logo - the new political math"

... more bad ideas = better results

(Medieval torture by sawing)

(a guy with a nightly gig does stand-up at Rockefeller Center)

FAL: In reaction to an investigation that showed the American Psychological Association has supported using torture to interrogate suspected terrorists, opposition to reform within the APA is growing. Now there is talk that opponents of reform may leave and form the APTA, the American Psychological Torture Association. Really -- the kind of PTA bad kids everywhere have been waiting for.

FAL: (to Hig) Is it just me, or does it seem like Superman has finally lost the battle to his arch-enemy Lex Luthor?

HIG: It was bound to happen, once they started putting Kryptonite in ice cream.

20150803 00:47 (117 words)
- "Pocahontas" by Neil Young, from "Rust Never Sleeps" 1979, performed in 1993
- "Hush If You Must" by Brooke Waggoner, from "Fresh Pair of Eyes" 2007, performed in 2009
- "New York" by The Milk Carton Kids, from "Live From Lincoln Theatre" DVD 2014

Jul. 31st, 2015



... on coincidence in a time that pretends continuum is just a girl or boy you wouldn't want to take to Dairy Queen

(Wile E. Coyote losing the thread of continuum. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, characters in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoon series from Warner Bros., created by animation director Chuck Jones and writer Michael Maltese, first appeared in "Fast and Furry-ous" September 17, 1949.)

"One thing art and science have in common?" Parson Diggers asks Penelope Anne Warren Olmquist.

He's sitting in the front seat of Edgar, his back against the closed driver's door, legs stretched out across the black tuck-and-roll Naugahyde of his granddad's '57 Ford Fairlane convertible. The top is down. The car is parked beneath an oak that's been standing in the grass between Poppasquash Road and Bristol Harbor, since before Henry Ford was a gleam in his father's rear-view mirror.
more ...Collapse )

20150731 10:08 (438 words)
... from Tangerine Music Labs
- "Meditations" by Ryan Tanaka, performed by Deanna Lynn viola, Ryan Tanaka piano
- "Flying Party Ship! | Kerbal Space Program - Part 10.1" by Ryan Tanaka
- "Partita No. 2 in D Minor, 4th Movement 'Gigue'" by J.S. Bach, written between 1717-23, performed by Deanna Lynn viola, in a noisy pub in Monterey CA (2010?)
... and
- "The Tall Fiddler" by Tommy Emmanuel, from "Endless Road" 2004
- "Goodness Gracious" by Kevin Gilbert, from "Thud" 1995, rereleased on "20th Anniversary - 3 CD Set" 2015

Jul. 19th, 2015


"mono logo - the GO P"

studio 6b.JPG
(a guy with a nightly gig does stand-up at Rockefeller Center)

FAL: In political news, with over one ton[1] of Republicans now running for president it's no surprise that the latest dance craze sweeping Washington is called the "GO P" -- that's spelled capital G-O, space, capital P.

Inspired by a typesetting error in a GOP campaign ad, the GO P is a strange dance. Really. The dancers all seem to be in obvious discomfort, as they move around the dance floor with their legs tightly crossed in what's being called the dance's signature move, the "hold-it squeeze."

With most dances the music tends to set people free. But the GO P is just the opposite, with the dancers moving as part of an up-tight and intensely, unpleasant group, bound forever to its bodily urges.

Anyway, in case you haven't seen it yet we thought we'd show you what the GO P looks like.

BAND: (music mimics the need to control the urge to pee, as up-tight dancers, desperate to find bladder relief, are hampered by legs locked in the hold-it squeeze)

FAL: (dances to above)

20150720 09:22 (188 words)
[1] 15 x 150 = 2250
- "The Fraying" by Megan Wyler, featuring Adem Ilhan, a single 2013
- "When Love Comes to the Rescue" by Oleta Adams, from "Evolution" 1993 (starts at 1:05)

Jul. 17th, 2015


"cow on the run"

(Matylda, cow on the run, living free for two years in Zloty Stok, Poland before farmer Leszek Zasada, after failing to bring her home with snares, dogs, and cow wrangling on horseback, tried "courting" her with salt, apples and cabbage)

"Cows aren't called 'bossy' for no reason." Melanie grew up in the cheeselands of Wisconsin and served her time tending to her father's 30 Holsteins. A small farm on 120 acres of fields and woods, a barn with two silos and a three-bedroom farmhouse with her room upstairs, facing west, where she would watch the sunsets over a tree-feathered ridge two miles away, and dream of California.

"I always thought they were gentle, kindly creatures who listened attentively, gathered round Farmer Johnson sitting barn stage-center on a milking stool, as he read them stories of life on the busy, honking streets of Chicago and New York." Niles is lying next to her on an old blanket spread out in the backyard of Hall House, an old four-square, two-story house with a long, well-tread center hall. It's a 1:00am Sunday in July, the dew point's low, and the stars are lighting up the night.

"That's 'Cow on the Run.' I read that book when I was seven," Melanie says.

"I was eight and just beginning my farmland dreamtime."

more ...Collapse )
20150717 19:18 (868 words)
- by Paul and Linda McCartney and Wings
-- a) "Band on the Run" from "Band on the Run" 1973
-- b) "Uncle Albert - Admiral Halsey" from "Ram" 1971 (video shot mostly on and near High Park Farm near the Mull of Kintyre, the headland at the south of the Kintyre peninsula in Scotland)
- by Tessa Rose Jackson
-- a) "Winter Night" a single 2012
-- b) "Now I See" a single 2013
-- c) "Stepping Stone"
-- d) "Lost & Found"
-- e) "Lost & Found"
-- f) "Change Time"
... from "Songs From the Sandbox" 2013
-- g) "The Pretender", Foo Fighters cover, a single 2015

Jun. 27th, 2015


"guide to making your own social S-cape"

(album cover for "Guide to an Escape" by Rue Royale, 2011*)

1) "The Right Material Stuff"

Like Superman -- a.k.a. Clark Kent, a mild-mannered and nerd-glassed reporter for the "Daily Planet," a newspaper with a circulation apparently impervious to the evil bad-guy money pirates of comic book Metropolis -- the material you use to make your own social S-cape is important. It needs to fit you like a glove.

You know, like a really long and flappy glove that's tied around your neck and, when standing, runs down your back almost to the ground. A flappy glove with enough special aerodynamic lift to allow your earth-bound ass to fly. The ass being the biggest impediment that prevents most mammals from flying. That and an ego of grande ("'gran dee") ass proportions.

Flying is important. It will let you flee the bad guys in the nick of time, so the only "nicks" you get on your mild-mannered and nerd-glassed, super journalist-of-life, hero body-o, are from the Bic disposable razors you use for three months before changing -- whether they be used for legs and pits or hunky hero cheeks doesn't matter, because this super hero's guide for social S-capes is patent-pendingly, non-gender specifico.
more ...Collapse )
20150714 00:38 (939 words)
- * from the album "Guide to an Escape" 2011: 1) "Guide to an Escape"; 2) Halfway Blind; 3) "Flightline"; 7) "Crater"; 9) "We'll Go on Alright"
... by Brookln and Ruth Dekker of Rue Royale
- "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young, from "Neil Young" 1970, performed live in Berlin 1982, lyrics
- "The Wolf" by Mumford & Sons, from "Wilder Mind" 2015, performed in studio 2015, with album producer James Ford beating the tom-toms, lyrics
- "Sedona" by Houndmouth from "Little Neon Limelight" 2015, lyrics

Jun. 15th, 2015


/magna carta/

... "the great charter," 800 years old today and still looking toward a just and peaceful future. Which we can't somehow get to, why?

(photo from the The Magna Carta Project and "The Guardian" at (3) below)

"Magna Carta was engrossed, sealed and issued by King John at Runnymede, between Staines and Windsor, on 15 June 1215, following five days of intensive discussion and negotiation, during which many of the Articles of the Barons (which King John had accepted in principle) were extended, or re-arranged, or had their contents broken up and redistributed, while gaps in their coverage were filled." (1)

" >> Historical Introduction

John was 33 years old in 1199 when he claimed the throne of England and the Angevin Empire. The youngest of four sons born to Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II (1154-89), he had grown up with little hope of wearing the crown. It was only with the death of his elder brothers, Henry the Young King and Geoffrey, and Richard’s coronation in 1189, that John’s ambitions were seriously stirred. When King Richard took a lethal blow from a crossbow bolt in 1199, John grabbed his chance. With the help of the ageing Queen Eleanor, he secured his continental domains and, in 1202, captured and imprisoned Prince Arthur of Brittany, the son of his brother Geoffrey and John’s rival for the throne. Arthur was later to disappear mysteriously and John would never escape the mutterings that he had murdered the lad in a fit of drunken rage.
more ...Collapse )

20150615 10:26 (1374 words)
- (1) Texts and Commentary
- (2) About - Historical Introduction
... from The Magna Carta Project
- (3) the original document with interactive English translation, Latin transcription, and expert commentary from the Arts & Humanities Research Council's Magna Carta Project, and "The Guardian"

- 13th Century English dance music mix from YouTube

Jun. 13th, 2015


"languid doorstop"

(photo from mrjoebasile.com)

"Languid as in 'dreamy.'" Heskel is leaning forward on the café table, her elbows like two car jacks holding up her head, the heel of each hand skewed against the underside of half a jawbone.

"Dreamy." Larson repeats the word, smiling. He's stirring the frothy milk in large, wavy swirls in an enormous mug of dark French roast.

Heskel bites off half an oatmeal raisin cookie she softened in her coffee, staring at the table. It's late Thursday morning at Booter's, a small café overlooked by the developers on this part of the Charlestown waterfront. The place is empty between the morning, office-worker coffee and muffin line-up, and the noontime take-out sandwich crowd. It's an ancient, black paint-caked shopfront, barely wide or deep enough for the six three-foot round tables that line the windows on either side of a door with a rope of sleigh bells screwed to the top door-rail.

Outside, poplar trees in full June-leaf overhang a narrow street with cobblestones showing through the bare spots in the asphalt. The stream of cars and trucks that peaked at 9:00 has receded like a tide that drains the sidewalks of the worker people, and leaves behind people living beyond the hands of hourly life.

"What would a doorstop dream of?" Larson asks and licks the milk foam off his upper lip. He's looking at her eyes.

"Pleasant weather."

"So the door is left wide open, and the door and stop can spend a few hours nestled side-by-side," he adds, traveling on the boat of what she's thinking. They've been together long enough to know where the other one is going.

"Nestled," she repeats and looks out through the wavy window.

20150613 13:29 (293 words)
- "Calm Down" by the band Psapp, from "Tiger, My Friend" 2004
- "Life is Never Wrong" by Janis Ian, from "Folk is the New Black" 2006
- "Wild Horses" by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, from "Sticky Fingers" 1971

May. 29th, 2015


"mono logo - yesterdayland"

studio 6b.JPG
(photo from that's my gig)

(a guy with a nightly gig does standup before an audience at Rockefeller Center)

FAL: With half a million Republicans now running for president, you'd think we'd be hearing a lot of new ideas. (silence, hand to ear, shrugs, palms up)

Maybe it's just me, but all I'm hearing is the ghost of Ronald Reagan talking from the grave. It's like a conservative zombie movie.

(as Reagan) Ha-ha. Good one, Jimmy. We joked around a lot on "Death Valley Days." ... Jelly Bean?

BAND: (plays opening of "Death Valley Days" theme)

FAL: (back) It's like that nightmare where you're on a theme park ride in "Yesterdayland," and suddenly you realize that something has happened and you are now stuck in "Yesterdayland" forever.

HIG: I've had that dream. Creepy. ... But, I guess it means that we haven't totally lost the ability to dream about the future.

FAL: Right. It's just that good dreams have been replaced by bad dreams. (shakes head, sighs)

HIG: You realize that doing depressing, opening monologues is too cutting edge for late night, right?

20150529 12:00 (183 words)
- "I'll Be Seeing You" by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal 1938
- "All of Me" by John Legend*
- "Bravado" by Lorde, from "The Love Club EP" 2013
... performed by UMass Dynamics from the album "CCXVII" 2015
* - "All of Me" written and performed by John Legend, from "Love in the Future" 2013
- "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman, from "New Beginning" 1995, performed 2013
- "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, released as a single in 1960, performed by Tracy Chapman 2015
- "Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution" by Tracy Chapman, from "Tracy Chapman" 1988, performed 1988

May. 19th, 2015


"song of the opened road"

(photo from wallpaperswide.com)

It's mid-May, the leading edge of summer, and the air perfume this four-wheel Buick, extra-wide rocket ship is passing through, on its yearly trip across a Momma-land that separates one ocean from another, is different. More subtle and less pungent, now, than it gets by mid-July, when the summer roadside grasses dry and brown like oil and onions heated on the surface of a landscape pan.

The May-grass now that lines the web of blue-red-black Rand McNally highways on the dry crust of the continent, is still chloroplastic green. Like you, sweet h-sapes student-reader, no matter what your near-term bio age might be. Because in long-term time this writing-reading thing is hanging off the very edge of an evolution trek that's left your Grandy-Momma-Daddy so way back in the dust they really can't be seen, as they wave their bye-byes and wish the changing genome well.

GRANDY-MOMMA-DADDY: (waving) Drive safe. Remember to write. Something. Anything. Just-keep-do-ing-it. It's why you're here, hands solo, keeping record of the human score.

So you write. Like now, parked near Tom's Drugs in a small, college town in the farmlands of Ohio, while picking up a Wifi link that connects you to Nic Harcourt's morning show at Cal State Northridge, as you write this line while listening to Pink Floyd's 1979 song "Hey You."

So, hey you, reader on a world-wide-web that's like the highway web that connects the everything to everything of North America, both in the present and the past. Except this web, with electron arms draped loose around a planet, is a rocket ship that's traveling so much faster than the Buick, as linking everything to everything explodes into a larger, 3D universe of space and time.

It's like the ancient riddle: "What came first -- the idea of a human looking for a tool, or a tool that became an idea-mirror of human looking?"

"'Riddle' -- sounds like 'fiddle,' also 'diddle,'" Felicity likes to say, rye-smiling. She has a sympathetic view of our human capability for fucking off.

As I write that line she's exiting Tom's Drugs, where we stopped for a certain "feminine hygiene product" that looks a lot like the structural system for a rocket, minus the fins and nose cone, but with the bottom line that keeps the rocket's base securely anchored to the launchpad.

Fel's smiling because she's having fun as we navigate the landscape of America in my granddad's old, '96 Buick Roadmaster station wagon, the back now full of the shit two young people carry with them as they nomad-travel across a place still relatively new. Like us, and you, new in geo terms, and non-tribal civil terms, and bio-evolution terms. Where new and old aren't adversarial, just time- and placemarks on one long, life-form's pathway through continuum, as something really new existing at the edge of something really old.

As we continue going west, two newbie h-sapes on a road that's more about a story that is us, than a highway made of asphalt.

20150520 10:31 (549 words)
- "Thumbelina" by Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, from "Learning to Crawl" 1984, performed live 1995
- "Falling From the Sky" by Joey and John Burns of Calexico, from "Edge of the Sun" 2015, performed in studio 2015

Apr. 21st, 2015


"putting us in time, 01: coffee with the ghost"

... and behold, a joyful noise was loosed upon the whorled

(photo of galaxy NGC 1566 in the constellation Dorado, 40 million light-years from Earth, taken by the Hubble space telescope)

(Lake Street Dive* band members Bridget Kearney, Mike Olson, Mike Calabrese and Rebecca Price; photo from WERU community radio in Blue Hill and Bangor, ME)

(Scene 27 -- interior, day, gone-to-seed cafe; Ghost Guy enters, walks slowly just above the floor from door to counter, then sits just above a stool)

GHOST GUY: (faint smile)

WAITRESS VELMA: So what'll it be, oh, missing-atoms one?

GG: (mouthing) Coffee, please.

WV: Sorry?

GG: (takes notepad/pen from jacket pocket, writes, turns pad toward her)

WV: (reading) "Coffee, please, fair maiden"? (glances up) Really? Have you had the prescription for the ghost glasses checked lately?

GG: (does silent "ha-ha")
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20150422 09:52 (761 words)
- * from Lake Street Dive:
- "Use Me Up" by M. Olson
- "Bad Self Portraits" B. Kearney
- "Stop Your Crying M. Calabrese
- "Clear a Space" R. Price
- "Seventeen" B. Kearney
... all from the album "Bad Self Portraits" 2014
- and a two-hour songwriting masterclass at the New England Conservatory, that is worth your creative-curiosity time

act 4 - maggie

(April 21, 1980 - November 27, 1993 - "man bores dog"; happy b-day, Mags)

Apr. 18th, 2015


"mono logo - smarter than smart"

(photo from pixgood)

On a personal note -- there is proof again this week that people really are smarter than chickens.

We don't leave eggs out in the open. We dye them pretty colors, then hide the eggs so well they often can't all be found, until a few weeks after Easter when they rot.

Which can diminish the inherent smartness of the whole "death and resurrection then dead again" story, as it plays out every year in sock drawers, kitchen cupboards, and crowded hallway closets around the world.

Until now, and the new Apple Watch with its Easter Egg geo-locator app. Thank you, Apple, for helping relegate utility and reason to knickknacks in the current human-bauble diorama, making smarter than smart so much realer than real.

20150418 14:04 (127 words)
- "Been Here Before" by Martin Gjerstad, T. Johansson, Peter Minorsson, Anouk Teeuwe, from the album "To Get Her Together" 2011, performed by Anouk live on 3FM

Apr. 10th, 2015


"looking at the end - what time is it?"

(photo from a cnet story on the new Apple watch roll-out April 10)

"So asking 'What time is it?' as you're looking at the end, is like traveling in a car, over a road with history in time and space," Kelsey says, sitting in the passenger seat of Long Down's '87 Ford pickup.

Windows down, their outboard arms and shoulders are set like breeze diverters, channeling the fragrant morning air through and out the rear, truck cab sliding window. They're doing 30 on the dusty road to Sugarland -- 50 acres, a cabin and a barn in the scrub-oak, grass-rolled hills of the California central coast range mountains -- 35 winding miles west of Greenfield, a city of 16,000 in the vineyard and truck garden, lettuce-lands of the Salinas Valley.
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20150410 22:45 (557 words)
- "It'll Get You There" by Jenny Lewis, from the Rilo Kiley album "Rkives" 2013
- "Everything You Need" by The Lonely Wild, from the album "The Sun as it Comes Up" 2013, performed live at The Echo in L.A. Dec. 2012
- "Rock & Roll is Cold" by Matthew E. White, from the album "Fresh Blood" 2015, performed live at BRIC House Mar. 2015
- KCSN, 88.5 FM L.A., Mo-Fr 06:00-11:00 a.m. the Morning Show w/Nic Harcourt

Mar. 31st, 2015


"mono logo - out of the time closet"

(photo from that's my gig)

(a guy with a nightly gig stands before an audience at Rockefeller Center doing standup comedy)

FALLON: In Indiana today, the Governor said he was confused that Gays could have so many friends while living in the closet.

HIGGINS: But wasn't that the point of coming "out" of the closet?

FAL: I think so. And maybe the point of living "in" the past, is that it can seem like things never change. (pause, to audience) Hello, welcome to The Tonight Show. I'm Jimmy Fallon, sitting in tonight for Johnny Carson.

BAND: (plays start of "Johnny's Theme" *)

FAL: (to Questlove) Thanks, Doc. And, I confess, I did-not-know you played the drums.

BAND: (plays "do-do-do-do" notes from "Twilight Zone" theme *)

FAL: Wait -- you aren't Doc. (slaps face, shakes head) Higgins? Are you there?

HIG: Yes Jimmy.

FAL: (to Higgins) Wow. I think I drifted off for a moment. Tell me Carson's not really on vacation.

HIG: He's not. He moved on to play the Big Room.

FAL: That's good. For a moment I thought I was back in the '60s.

HIG: Really? How was it?

FAL: Like being back in high school, before you knew better. You know, struggling to realize how messed up you, and things, really are, as you keep making the same mistakes, over and over.

HIG: Yeah. Some people think we're on the verge of forgetting that the '60s ever taught us anything.

FAL: That sounds deep.

HIG: It's possible. Sidekicks get better lines now.

FAL: That's cool. So living in the past, then --

HIG: Is like living in a time closet. And we need to --

FAL: Bring conservatives out of the time closet?

HIG: You realize we can't really do any of this, right?

FAL: Yeah, but, still -- how is forcing anyone to live in a time closet, right?

20150401 14:28 (317 words)
- * "Johnny's Theme" by Paul Anka, performed by Doc Severinsen and the NBC Orchestra
- * "Twilight Zone" theme by Marius Constant, w/"do-do-do-do" at 0:37
- by KT Tunstall: a) "Miniature Disasters" from "Eye to the Telescope" 2004, performed in studio (2007); b) "Yellow Flower" from "Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon" 2013, performed in studio 2013

Mar. 29th, 2015


"mono logo - math blood"

(photo from pixgood)

(a girl stands before an audience doing stand-up comedy)

1) "All of our days are numbered. We just don't know what number we're on." *

Which is ok because, if we did, then we'd all be taking advice from mathematicians.

Don't get me wrong, mathematicians can be lovely people. But would you take life advice from someone you wouldn't want driving your car?

(hands on steering, turning head right, back to front in conversation)

"It's ok. With the weight of this vehicle, going up a 1% grade, I won't have to apply the brakes for another --"

(turning head, hands thrown up in front of face)

The ancient Greeks called this "the tragedy of math," and it's pretty much why I stopped doing math homework in high school. That and algebra.

2) "I got my blood tested the other day, and my doctor said that everything seemed normal. Wow, I guess acting really is in my blood." *

It's an old expression -- a skill being "in your blood." The first time I heard it I was 6. My Mom said she thought someone had "writing in his blood."

I thought that was so cool, and for the next 6 months I spent a lot of time pricking a finger to see what my blood was saying.

I used a hand lens, then a neighbor's microscope, looking for the story my body was trying to tell me. Eventually, I had to face the fact that my blood was probably illiterate.

And for the next 6 months I was totally stumped. How could "I" read and write, if my blood could not?

Eventually, walking around looking totally stumped became embarrassing. So I started acting like I had everything figured out. And that's when I realized I must have acting in my blood.

20150330 10:07 (309 words)
* writing prompt resuscitation from the ER department

- "O Magnum Mysterium", a chant from the Matins of Christmas reworked by Kevin Memley and performed by the Univ. of Wisc. Eau Claire Concert Choir conducted by Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff, performed 2013?
- by KT Tunstall: a) "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", from "Eye to the Telescope" 2004; b) "Invisible Empire", from "Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon" 2013

Mar. 28th, 2015


"1+1 - 1+1 ="

(photo from getty images by Phil Boorman)

... the place where binary math begins, and word farming just continues rotating the letter crops -- zero being just an "o" with an unrealistic sense of self

- READER 1: And this kind of zero-sum, self-revelation word math is somehow not a stroll through the gardens of embarrassment?

- READER 2: Yeah. I can't bear to watch.

(movie pitch summary: It's 2015, there is an Internet that holds the potential to connect people across the vast expanse of planetary space. What the fuck went wrong?)
more ...Collapse )

20150328 12:42 (707 words)
- Oleta Adams singing "Get Here" by Brenda Russell, live in Amsterdam 2014 - [cosmic irony note: the music link above, found after writing the closing above, actually ends with "...CHumpE"; thank-you, youtube, for shivering my google]
- Brenda Russell singing "Piano in the Dark", from the album "Get Here" 1988
- Van Morrison full concert, Belfast, Feb. 1979 - [this is magic-good]

Mar. 27th, 2015


"poli ticks"

"Listen carefully -- Christ died for our grooming sins. So I'm proud to have been selected as 'Mr. March' by the Association of Conservative Anti-Gay Fastidious Men."
(Indiana Gov. Mike Pence after signing bill to make sexual discrimination a religious right of the religious right -- which is, like, right squared, so obviously better; photo from Politico)

20150327 11:30 (59 words)
- "What Kind of Man" by Florence + The Machine, from the album "How Big How Blue How Beautiful" 2015
- "Ruby Soho" by Rancid, from "... And Out Come the Wolves" 1995
- "Family Tree" by Kings of Leon, from "Mechanical Bull" 2013
- "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman, from "Tracy Chapman" 1988, performed live 1989

Mar. 17th, 2015


/oil and money/

oil and money
(photo from)

keep_it_in_the_ground 02
(Keep it in the ground campaign at The Guardian)

Problem: a) oil and b) money. Solution: a) leave it in the ground, and b) something equally as simple for a global-money corruption cure -- redefining "money" as what it is, a means we've created to simplfy economic exchange. Individuals and business entities may acquire it, use it, borrow and loan it, but they can never "own" it because it's not a thing of value, just a means. And trying to turn a means into a thing of value only diminishes the unique value of both things and means, as something becomes everything, everything is nothing, and the possibilities we've created in the interplay of things and means, become walking deer-meat frozen in the headlights of two approaching zeros.*

20150318 09:52 (123 words)
* (from a comment to the continuing Petrobras scandal in Brazil, in a story Tu in The Guardian)
- "Love is a Country" by The Wallflowers from the album "Glad All Over" 2012, performed live on WFUVRADIO Oct. 2012, lyrics

Mar. 7th, 2015


"mono logo - aisle eyes"

photo from

(monologue -- a girl does stand-up comedy before an audience, starting with: "I met my soul mate in the frozen food section of Trader Joes, but he was too busy swiping on Tinder to notice me."*)

It's so annoying -- trying to pick up people in both the real world, and the internet world, in the same grocery story, at the same time. I'm sure the ancient Greeks would have said this was logically impossible. Which might actually be a commentary on the times, if I happened to be someone who spent her time commenting on the times.

But it's such a shame that the grocery store, as a better pick-up bar, never really got a chance to develop. It can reveal so much more than just knowing that someone likes to put the umbrellas from her mai-tais, in her hair.

Compare that to two people in a grocery store, cruising the frozen food aisle. I love frozen food chefs. One of my favorite fantasies is to meet someone who will microwave fettuccine Alfredo for me, after sex. That's so sweet. And creamy. Combine that with frozen pasta in a dish that will keep through dozens of frozen food lovers, and it's a great example of human grocery achievement.

Really, you can tell more about people by just one glance at their grocery cart, than you can with all the staged-impromptu "wow this person looks so full of life" photos, and traded catch-phrases on the internet.

"No veg? Of any kind? At all? Excuse me, but do you have no understanding of how the human body works?"

And how intimate do you really want to get, with someone who is living every day with a colon packed with edible concrete? Unless, I guess, you have a fetish for the aromatic delicacy of finely aged farts.

"Excuse me, is that Fritos, beer and ..."

"... extra-anchovy pizza. Yeah, a week ago Thursday. Wow -- what a nose for romance."

20150307 13:51 (359 words)
* prompt from ER
- "I Put a Spell on You" by Jay Hawkins, from the album "At Home with Screamin' Jay Hawkins" 1956, performed by Annie Lennox 2014
- "Morning Sun" by Michael Prins, 2013
- KT Tunstall performing "I Want You Back" live at Schuba's Tavern in Chicago, Jan. 2006; written by "The Corporation" - Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren, Alphonzo Mizell, and Deke Richards - at Motown Records, released as a single by the Jackson 5 in Oct. 1969, and on their debut studio album "Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5" in Dec.

Mar. 4th, 2015


"mono logo - chasing perfect"

(monologue -- a girl does stand-up comedy before an audience, starting with: "It's true we only have one season in L.A. -- perfect, all the time."*)

In fact -- someone I know refers to the European settlement of the entire Western Hemisphere as "chasing perfect." Which he thinks is way better than "manifest destiny" because it's both less confusing, and has fewer syllables.

In this "chasing perfect" version of human migration, then, when the Puritans got off the boat, looked around at all the vacant real estate with opportunities for nail salons and coffee bars, they thought the travel brochures were right in describing North America as "the perfect place to find your dream, and get your repressed boogie on."

So they shot some turkeys, invited the neighbors, and had a dinner feast that even today still shows its repressed roots. Then it snowed -- which was cool, because six inches of Puritan snow on the ground was perfect for keeping the Thanksgiving leftovers. Then it snowed some more, and then some more. Pretty soon the inches of snow turned into feet, and it wasn't long before the settlers lost track of where they'd put the fridge.

Which made life difficult. Though not as difficult as it would become by February when the toilet was buried beneath eight feet of snow. Imagine how that must have been -- sitting in the dark with just a candle, inside the igloo of a frozen crapper, and dreaming of stories of the perfect lands to the west. Where girls and boys frolicked on the beach, and cruised palm-tree lined boulevards in shiny, Italian racing wagons.

So it's not surprising that the "city of angels" would eventually become a crowded "shaky heaven," once enough lawyers had arrived to keep the perfect angels to their contracts.

"Did you feel that?" one angel would one day say to another.

"Uh, yeah. I guess. But it wasn't, like, a seismic orgasm."

"Yeah. Definitely. Just foreplay in the crust."

20150304 18:55 (337 words)

* story prompt from ER -- muchos groceries

Feb. 21st, 2015


"mono logo - the continuing story of my name-drop life"

thea empty stage
(photo from pixgood)

(monologue -- a girl does stand-up comedy before an audience, starting with: "I'm really bad with names. I'm constantly dropping them."*)

I've always dropped names. I don't know why. Maybe at conception I never got the self-image "grasp" gene that lets normal people hang onto them. I'm not sure. Personality gene theory is way over my head. In fact, until a year ago I thought personality genes were something people got at a GAP store.

And though I can't remember it, I'm pretty sure I must have started dropping names in the delivery room, maybe shortly after I made my entrance by sliding through the fleshy tent flaps. "Whoa, can someone ask Mr. DeMille to please turn down the freaking lights!!?? I'm so not ready for my close-up."
more ...Collapse )

20150221 14:42 (1691 words)
* story prompt from ER

- by Tommy Emmanuel: 1) "Angelina"; 2) "The Tall Fiddler" -- both from the album "Endless Road" 2004
- by Dotan: 1) "Home"; 2) "Fall" -- from "7 Layers" 2014
- by Joni Mitchell: 1) "Last Chance Lost"; 2) "The Magdalene Laundries" -- from "Turbulent Indigo" 1994; 3) "Sisotowbell Lane"; 4) "Cactus Tree" -- from "Song to a Seagull" 1968

Feb. 17th, 2015


/blizzard lizard/

Feb 15 2015 Valentines Blizzard 60
(snowplow sculpture -- photo from WBZ TV Boston -- done by a teacher and students at the May Institute, Randolph MA, Feb. 13, 2015)

20150217 10:26 (38 words)
- "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" by Pat MacDonald, with Barbara MacDonald, together known as the band
Timbuk3 from the album "Greetings From Timbuk3" 1986
- "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon, from the album "Graceland" 1986
- "Make You Better" by Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, from the album "What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World" 2015, performed live on KCRW Portland OR, Jan. 2015

Feb. 14th, 2015


"and the winner is ..."

fi  oscar 02
(Oscar statue from neon gods)

"... being real," Buckley says to her image in the bathroom mirror.

It's Saturday, a week before the 2015 Oscars and she has driven up to Bristol, ME in Nora, from her top floor, triple-decker Cambridge rent share with three other Mitten students. She's come to ride out the coming weekend blizzard with her Great-Aunt Lilly.

Sunday the temps are forecast to drop into the minus singles, with winds along the coast of 25 to 60, and 8-16" of snow possible -- which would fall on top of the plowed, blown and shoveled heaps of snow now high enough to climb up and stand on, and see eye-to-eye with second-story windows.

Which means that across the eastern coast of New England this winter, high school girls can be seen throwing open their bedroom windows, sticking heads out and yelling at the boy next door: "Hey, pervert, go peep at your freaking Momma!!!"
more ...Collapse )

20150214 11:36 (880 words)
- "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Gary Brooker, Keith Reid, and Matthew Fisher of the British rock group Procol Harum, released as a single in 1967, performed here by Annie Lennox
- ... and here by Procol Harum, in the remastered video of their original 16mm music-film-video made in 1967
- ... with lyrics
- KCSN 88.5fm Northridge CA, "The Morning Show" Mo-Fr 6:00-11:00 with Nic Harcourt

Feb. 3rd, 2015


"defining time and place"

... with crayon words and a sheet of 3D electron paper

(from the glee wiki)

"Hello?" ... "HELLO!!??" small person yells.

"You're saying that you're feeling 'mel-low'? Then why are you yelling? I don't ..." big person replies.

"Ha-ha, I'm so not laughing. I'm saying I need a new phone. Trying to communicate with this dime store piece of crap --"


"... piece of crudely manufactured, communications apparatus, is like trying to say something meaningful by using two tin cans and a length of string."

"I see. But you realize that for centuries people used tin cans and string to communicate, without complaining."

"So it was the 'not complaining,' then, that prevented technological advancement?"
more ...Collapse )

20150203 16:47 (518 words)
- excerpts from the soundtrack of "American Experience - JFK" 2013, music by Joel Goodman
- Analog Players Society performing: a) "Just a Day"; and b) "Let the Music Play" from the album "Hurricane Season in Brooklyn" 2012
- Jeff Buckley performinng: a) "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, from the album "Grace" 1994; and b) "Everybody Here Wants You" from "Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk" 1998
- KALX 90.7fm, Berkeley

Jan. 12th, 2015


"shoegazing on a tangent"

... at a time and place where everything has become more proximate than intersecting

pe mu slowdive souvlaki cover
(cover photo from the Slowdive album "Souvlaki" 1993)

"'Bulbous,'" Mary says. She's sitting on the narrow balcony of "the motor home," a small one-bedroom apartment above a small 1.5 car garage in Santa Monica that she shares with Dildo, a.k.a. Anthony Marquette Sandstorm Lurch.

He's sitting next to her, both butt-forward, legs up on the balcony rail, backs curved like the butter and cream cheese croissants they've been scarfing down like kids loitering in the cardiac aisle of a French pastry candy store, as they sit slouched on the cushioned seats of matching rocking chairs, coffee mugs balanced by one hand on their laps, foot-bare in oldie shorts and t-shirts with artwork so faded from years of wash and sun the shirtfronts look like the pastel tracks of time, left in cotton dust.
more ...Collapse )

20150115 11:25 (895 words)
- "Taste" and "Vapour Trail" by Ride from the album "Nowhere" 1990
- "Shine" and "Souvlaki Space Station" by Slowdive from the albums "Blue Day" 1992 and "Souvlaki" 1993
- "Just a Girl" by The Pale Fountains performed live at Lido in Leuven, Belgium 1982
- WMBR 88.1fm, Cambridge MA, fall/winter 2014 program schedule (raises forearm and hand, palm facing forward, fingers pressed tight together, moving thumb away from index finger then back, in the universal sign for "Go, Mittens!")

- above bastardized W.H. Auden quote from "The Sea and the Mirror: A Commentary on Shakespeare's The Tempest" 1944 -- "... between the bottle and the loo, a lost thing looks for a lost name"

Dec. 12th, 2014


"last of the mohicans"

ref moccasins fr univ of colo
(apx 900-year-old insulated moccasins from the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, "moccasin" from the Algonquian-Powhatan-Massachusett "makasin")

"... genuine Mohicans for only $19.95 plus shipping, hand-crafted in China, sold and shipped by Slipper World -- hurry, just 1 pair left."

"Oh fuck my biscuit and call me footwear," Eleanor Holmquist mutters to herself, as she hesitates, then clicks "add to cart." She is hunched over Edward Scissorkeys, her name for the cheap Toshiba laptop she found on sale on Best Buy's website just four years ago.

"Thank you, Edward," she now says and runs an index finger across the textured plastic just above the keyboard. "Good boy." She likes to anthropomorphize the stuff that passes through her life.

"But that sort of thing can eventually create an imbalance between what's real and human in your life, and what's not," Dr. Helptorn offered last year on Ellie's second visit.

"Yeah, I know. So I counterbalance the anthropomor by de-anthropomoring people on a regular basis." She tilted her head back on the leather couch arm and glanced at Dr. Helptorn. "In point of fact, it turns out pretty much evenly divided. Which is not as hard as one might think since so many people, today, are determined that the only characters they can ever play are pre-human beastie retreads."
more ...Collapse )
2014-12-12 10:57 (912 words)
- "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney, from the Beatles album "Help!" 1965, performed by Ruut 2014
- "Always Like This" by Bombay Bicycle Club, and "Shuffle" by Jack Steadman, id., from their albums "I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose" 2009 and "A Different Kind of Fix" 2011
- written and performed by Florence Welch + a couple of The Machinists - "Lover to Lover" and "Shake it Out" in the studios of RTP (Public Radio and Television of Portugal) 2011; and "Cosmic Love" at KEXP Seattle 2010

Nov. 27th, 2014


"fan dancing"

... through the personal space that is the ballroom of your head

pe singer caro emerald fr north sea jazz fest 2010
(Caro Emerald at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam 2010*)

pe philosopher rene descartes
"This girl rocks." (portrait of René Descartes by Frans Hals 1648)

pe biologist robert hooke
"Oh, yeah." (portrait of Robert Hooke by Rita Greer 2004)

Having no clue how the ritual of "fan dancing" actually began, we built a conga-line of imagined Google search responses as a way of practicing our typing. While, as always, being on the lookout for some sort of meaning-in-connection between the vagrant link-link taking place inside our head, and the electron-computer mirror of that we call a web.

You know, like Descartes might have done while sitting by a fire in the 1630s, if he'd had a cheap Toshiba laptop.

"I surf, type and spell-check, therefore, I am," he types, rereads then rewrites: "... therefore, I am someone with a self-esteem that's solid ... that is solidly grounded while at the same time being planetaryily broad ... which is both cool and hot, together, at the same time, in the same selfied sense of self ... or, more often, cool and hot at different times in close proximity, often waving as the cool-hot pass each other like strangers on passing trains, one heading toward the bright lights of the city, the other deep into the unrelenting darkness of a wilderness night ... one train perhaps with the words 'PINKY LIKES HIS BISCUITS' spray-painted on the side of several cars, an act of rebel marketing that may have been responsible for the sharp rise in biscuit consumption in towns along certain rail lines in 1637 France."

- EDITOR: (to Descartes) A little wordy here.
- DESCARTES: (to Editor) I rewrite, therefore, I am. Live with it.
more ...Collapse )

2014-11-27 15:31 (758 words)
- live performance by Caro Emerald and her rocking samba-swing band at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Rotterdam 2010* (and, because life is short, you could start with dessert first -- the encore "Stuck" at 42:20)
- "Plowin' Mule" by Doug MacLeod at The Blue Room Sessions 2014
- "God Bless the Child" (starts at 2:20) by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog 1939, performed by Oleta Adams live on the Dutch tv show "2 Meter Sessies" 1993

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